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After the successful launch of the Swiza knife collection in various models, Swiza introduces its newest look at Baselworld 2017 earlier this year – the completely black Swiza All Black Swiss knife. A knife for all pocket knife lovers looking for something special and unique.

A fascinating new Swiss knife from Swiza, sure to turn heads: the completely black Swiza D01 All Black and Swiza D03 All Black. This Swiss knife has a highly resistant, deep black high-tech polytetra uoroethylene (PTFE) coating with all tools, plating and synthetic surfaces in matte black.

Swiza’s famous revolutionary 360° design, robust non-slip surface and die-cut slots for all tools are naturally also integrated in this knife. The knife’s slightly curved shape grants quick access to all tools, allowing it to be easily opened by both right-handed and left-handed users.

This newest development from Delemont also rests on the highest Swiss standards of quality. Like with all Swiza models, the 75 mm long, extra solid blade (with PVD coating) is made from rust-free high-end 440 steel hardened to 57 HRc on the Rockwell scale, and equipped with a secure lock. This prevents the blade from snapping shut when in use.

The blade can be easily and safely folded back by pressing on the white cross of the Swiza logo. The shell’s ergonomic shape makes opening and closing tools easy and safe and allows a secure grip even with wet hands, thanks to the soft non-slip surface.

In addition, the Swiza D01 All Black has a sommelier corkscrew with 5 twists, a punch and awl with integrated sewing eye and tweezers with diagonal tips for precise work. The Swiza D03 All Black includes a bottle opener with at-head No. 3 screwdriver, a wire bender and a can opener with a No. 1 at-head screwdriver.

If heavily soiled the knife can also be washed in the dishwasher at up to 80° C. After washing, apply a drop of oil to all movable parts. The Swiza D01 All Black and the Swiza D03 All Black are available at all Swiza points of sale.