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AUTOMOTIVE Toyota debuts C+walk S for increased safety and mobility for all

Toyota Motor Corporation announced the launch of C+walk S, a pedestrian-mobility-assistance model and the second in the new C+walk mobility series, available at Toyota automobile dealers and rental/leasing stores from March 20, 2023. Toyota has also enhanced its standing-type model C+walk T as well as the C+pod. The C+walk T, compliant with the revised Road Traffic Act, will go on sale in May, and the C+pod became available for lease contracts on March 20.

AUTOMOTIVE Toyota debuts C+walk S for increased safety and mobility for all

With Japan’s aging population, approximately 20% of people aged 75 or older have difficulty walking beyond 100 m, and those who go out are 10% lower than those under 65. Physical ability limits daily activities like shopping and going out. Toyota has continued to provide “Mobility for All” options, including the C+pod for local transportation and the C+walk series for sidewalks, creating a better mobility society. The C+walk S is a three-wheeled mobility vehicle that assists those who can walk but have difficulty walking long distances, comfortably traveling on sidewalks, and can easily detect road surface conditions ahead.

Toyota is researching with local governments and corporations a new business model using C+pod and C+walk series to address local community needs. For example, in cooperation with the local government, C+walk S has been used to help residents and tourists move around Hanawa Town Station in Fukushima Prefecture since around April. Toyota aims to complement regional transportation with mobility vehicles to achieve a better mobility society. The C+walk S price starts at JPY 498,000 ($4,463), while the C+pod price ranges from JPY 1,665,000 ($14,905) to JPY 1,731,000 ($15,506).