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Luxury Swiss Maison Les Ateliers Louis Moinet has created a collection of Eight Marvels of the World dedicated to eight of the most beautiful human achievements across the ages in the form of eight timepieces. Each of them is reinterpreted by Louis Moinet and its clan of artisans, whose burins, brushes and chisels shape the materials to reflect the finest craftsmanship. This initiatory journey encompasses eight one-of-a-kind creations, presented in the Louis Moinet travel trunk and priced at CHF 2.5 million or just over AED 10 million.

Exquisite watch collection dedicated to eight marvels of the world

The marvelous collection includes a timepiece titled The Colosseum - the largest ovoid amphi-theatre ever built in the Roman Empire. It could accommodate up to 50,000 people, who attended shows as varied as plays and gladiatorial fights. For its inauguration, Emperor Titus even transformed the arena into a water basin to recreate the naval battle of Corinth against Corcyra. A major work of architecture but also of Roman engineering, its construction was completed in 80 AD under Emperor Titus. It remains the embodiment of the power of Imperial Rome and attracts over seven million visitors a year.

The inside of the dial features an intramural depiction of the Colosseum in its heyday. It shows the centre of the arena in onyx, surrounded by a magnificent symmetrical array of baguette-cut sapphires, arranged in a gradient ranging from green to yellow via all the colors of the rainbow. Rising gradually all around it are the signature rows of seats. The steps of the Colosseum are finely detailed and polished. Their brilliance contrasts with other details of the work, which are sandblasted. The artist has sought to achieve maximum volume while preserving the unique nature of the Colosseum.

This timeless reproduction of the Colosseum also evokes its outer arches. A total of 112 arches for the case middle and 90 for the bezel are engraved in the rose gold of the Neo case, whose transversal bridge-lug concept lends itself perfectly to total artistic expression in this Colosseum. The watch features a Calibre LM 35 60-second tourbillon movement, awarded the Gold Medal at the last International Chronometry Competition. 

The second timepiece in this collection is an artistic interpretation of the Blue Mosque. The Blue Mosque, also known as the Sultan Ahmet Mosque, is one of the historical mosques of Istanbul. Its construction was completed in 1616, during the reign of Sultan Ahmet I. It is regarded as the last example of classical Ottoman architecture and owes its name to the 20,000 predominantly blue ceramic tiles adorning its inner walls. It is privileged to have six minarets and was an important starting point for the pilgrimage to Mecca. This interpretation aims to render the visual strength of the Blue Mosque, a major work representing the culmination of two centuries of development of both Ottoman mosques and Byzantine churches.

The dial base is composed of a mother-of-pearl inlay consisting of 13 elements in different shades of blue. The background represents the motifs of the vaulted ceiling that decorate the interior of the Mosque. It features a hand engraving of the Blue Mosque, whose details are enhanced by miniature painting. The ribbed domes and half-domes create pleasing visual harmony, while the six minarets are finely chased to accentuate their grooves. The case is entirely hand-chased. It represents an arabesque, a magnificent ornamental motif with complex interlacing patterns. This essential element of Islamic art is particularly highlighted by the chasing which combines finesse and accuracy.  The watch features a Calibre LM 35 60-second tourbillon movement, awarded the Gold Medal at the last International Chronometry Competition.

The third timepiece is an ode to Petra - an ancient Nabataean city located in Jordan, whose name means "rock" in ancient Greek. As early as the 6th century B.C., the Nabataeans made it a prosperous stage along the route of caravans carrying pearls and turquoise, ivory and silk, incense and spices. Petra was a real crossroads between Arabia and the Mediterranean, and between Egypt and Syria. Having fallen into oblivion in the modern world, it was rediscovered by the Swiss explorer Jean-Louis Burckhardt in 1812. The emblematic building in Petra is the Khazneh, with its monumental facade carved into the rock face. 

To enable the brand to imagine the power of Khazneh, the artist has combined – for the first time in watchmaking – three different techniques. The process begins with a bas-relief engraving applied on a slightly rounded base to give more volume to the motif. This simulated perspective creates a striking depth effect. As the statues decorating the niches on the façade have now been destroyed, they could only be imagined thanks to the artist's research work. His curiosity led him to find a watercolor by the famous painter David Roberts, dating from 1856, on which the statues are well depicted.

Once the model is thus engraved, the second stage involves applying the grisaille pictorial technique, using only shades of the same color. Ranging from light to dark, it is therefore especially suited to symbolizing the predominantly red-brown Petra sandstone. Finally, the distinctive fresco painting sets the final touch to this creation. Implementing this artistic practice requires great skill and speed of execution, since it involves painting on fresh plaster before it dries, to allow the pigments to penetrate the mass. The white gold case is adorned with a bas-relief and features hand-engraved lugs. The depictions of columns and elephants – symbolizing strength and wealth – are drawn from across the entire Petra site. The watch features a Calibre LM 35 60-second tourbillon movement, awarded the Gold Medal at the last International Chronometry Competition.

The fourth watch is inspired by the Pyramid of Khufu - the largest of the Giza pyramids and also referred to as the Great Pyramid. It was built by the Egyptians about 4,500 years ago, under the IVth dynasty. Already considered in antiquity as the first of the seven wonders of the world, it is the only one to have survived to the present day. For millennia it remained the tallest and most voluminous ever construction. It is still being analyzed because it has not yet revealed all its mysteries. 

The dial is cut from a block of Willow Creek Jasper, a natural stone whose design is reminiscent of the sand dunes of Egypt. Hieroglyphics are then applied using a transparency technique to create a mysterious effect. The pyramid itself is made of gold and covered with carefully calibrated grains of enamel. Perfect control of the firing temperatures is then required to preserve their granular appearance. Originally, the Pyramid of Khufu was covered with white limestone facings, which explains why this color appears in this miniature work. 

The pyramidion (capstone) was made of electrum, a gold and silver alloy greatly prized by the ancient Egyptians. In this model it is carved from gold and given a mirror polish to maximize its brilliance. The statue of Khufu is represented on three different levels. Like ancient Egyptian statues, it is made of black basalt and its headdress is adorned with gold miniature painting. The case is engraved by hand, partly using the taille de joue technique, in which the engraver imparts a particular sense of movement to the engraved object. It depicts the lotus flowers adorning the tops (capitals) of Egyptian columns. The lugs are engraved with Khufu’s cartouche. The watch features a Calibre LM 35 60-second tourbillon movement, awarded the Gold Medal at the last International Chronometry Competition. 

The fifth watch is inspired by the Taj Mahal - a white marble mausoleum built in 1648 by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his wife Mumtaz Mahal, which means "Jewel of the Palace" in Persian. A jewel of Mughal architecture, its style combines Islamic, Iranian, Ottoman and Indian influences. For its construction, more than 1,000 elephants are said to have been used to transport white marble from Rajasthan, jasper from Punjab, turquoise from Tibet ... In total, 28 types of fine and ornamental polychrome stones were used for the stone inlays in the white marble. 

An elaborate miniature painting graces the white marble dial of this timepiece. It depicts the architectural details of the Taj Mahal, including the slightly bulbous central dome, which is 35 metres high. It is topped by a bronze pinnacle decorated with a kalash, a Hindu symbol of good luck, as well as an Islamic crescent moon symbol. The dome rests on an inverted lotus-shaped drum. It is surrounded by smaller secondary domes, as well as four free-standing minarets, 43 metres high. They have an octagonal base and a tapered cylindrical body. Vertically, the minarets are divided into three parts by two different balconies. In front of the Taj Mahal, the turquoise part evokes the water of one of the garden's canals.

A polished and rhodium-plated grid is affixed to the dial. It gives the work a depth effect and is adorned with ornamental motifs reminiscent of the moucharabieh windows found in traditional architecture. The case is hand-engraved with ornamental representations of the Taj Mahal and Indian mandala patterns, complemented by an engraving of a Mughal motif on the bezel. The subtle work on the upstrokes and downstrokes creates a pleasing decorative contrast. The watch features a Calibre LM 35 60-second tourbillon movement, awarded the Gold Medal at the last International Chronometry Competition. 

The sixth watch is inspired by The Great Wall - one of the most important architectural structure ever built, in terms of length, surface area and mass. It stretches over 6,200 kilometres, with walls averaging six to seven metres high and four to five metres wide. Intended to protect China's northern frontier, it starts at the border with the coast north of Beijing and extends to the Gobi Desert. Its construction dates initially from the 3rd century BC to the 17th century. Since 1987, the Great Wall has been classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The hand-engraved rose gold applique depicts the Great Wall, which gradually transforms into a powerful dragon surrounding the jade path that is lost in the perspective of an endless wall. The bright green shine of the maw-sit-sit jade stone lends itself wonderfully to illuminating the path of the dragon. In the background, a celestial vault consists of a gradient paving of 129 brilliant-cut sapphires and 11 brilliant-cut diamonds. Through its three shades of blue, it evokes a deep sky, studded with a few diamonds. It overlooks the distant mountain, appearing as a hand-engraved white gold applique. A subtle play on height dissociates the elements of this artwork. It enables the dragon to express its power and dominate the scene. The case helps assert this authority, as the hand engraving gives life to the dragon theme picked up on the case middle, bezel and lugs. The watch features a Calibre LM 35 60-second tourbillon movement, awarded the Gold Medal at the last International Chronometry Competition.

The seventh watch in the collection is inspired by the Statue of Christ the Redeemer a monumental statue of Christ. Installed on Mount Corcovado, it overlooks Rio de Janeiro. An icon of the city, the statue is 38 metres high and as such is one of the world’s largest statues. Designed by Brazilian engineer Heitor da Silva Costa, it was created by French sculptor Paul Landowski and Romanian sculptor Gheorghe Leonida (for the head), then erected in collaboration with the French engineer Albert Caquot. Completed in 1931, the statue is made of reinforced concrete and soapstone, a soft yet very resistant rock. The head weighs 30 tons, each hand eight tons, and the span of the outstretched hands is 28 metres. 

From the top of Corcovado, Christ the Redeemer appears to be protecting Rio and its famous Sugar Loaf Mountain, as well as the Bay of Guanabara and its 130 islands. The statue is hand-engraved on a gold base and stands out majestically from the landscape with a relief applique. It faces a sea whose floor is hand-engraved and then enamelled in translucent azure blue. The mountains are also glazed in opaque Grand Feu enamel. To instill even more life into this creation, the multicolored buildings of the town are depicted in enamelled micro-painting. The various enamelled elements are based on the champlevé technique, which consists of removing a little material to apply the enamel. The case features a skillful reinterpretation of the decorative elements of the Brazilian coat of arms: coffee leaves and tobacco leaves. These intaglio elements served as a guiding thread enabling the engraver to define a powerful theme, accentuating both the power of Christ the Redeemer and of Brazil itself. The watch features a Calibre LM 35 60-second tourbillon movement, awarded the Gold Medal at the last International Chronometry Competition.

The eighth watch in the collection is inspired by Machu Picchu which means "old mountain". This 15th century ancient Inca city is perched on a promontory joining the Machu Picchu and Huayna Picchu mountains in Peru. The presumed residence of the first Inca Emperor (Pachacútec, who reigned from 1438 until his death in 1471), it was a religious sanctuary of the utmost importance. Following the collapse of the Inca Empire, Machu Picchu fell into oblivion for several centuries. The Sacred City is considered the masterpiece of Inca architecture. It is located in the east of the Andes mountain range, on the edge of the Amazonian forest. The ruins of 172 constructions are located at an altitude of 2,438 metres, between the two peaks: Huayna Picchu and Machu Picchu.

A hand-engraved golden sun shines above the creation while respecting the iconographic representation of the Incas. Everything converges towards this daystar embodying the spirituality of the Inca culture. These include four Andean condors, a true national symbol of Peru. Meticulously engraved and painted by hand, these birds fly in a deep blue sky, crafted using the micro-painting technique. Their style is directly inspired by drawings of the Nazca civilization, a pre-Colombian culture of southern Peru (200 BC to 600 AD). 

The site of Machu Picchu is represented by a golden city at the foot of two marvelous mountains cut and carved with great finesse from a Yowah Nut opal. They surround a central stone in Crazy Lace Agate, chosen for its delicate veins pointing towards the sun. The desire to bring out the smallest details of the golden city and its various buildings called for the production manufacture of special tools, especially for the chasing. The terraces featuring a distinctive farming system are enhanced with green lacquer. The case is adorned with a strong relief-effect hand engraving of the sun at 12 o’clock and at 6 o'clock. It is surrounded by the hummingbird and the condor from the Nazca Geoglyphs. The watch features a Calibre LM 35 60-second tourbillon movement, awarded the Gold Medal at the last International Chronometry Competition.

In the course of his travels, Jean-Marie Schaller has reveled in discovering an array of monuments as varied as they are powerful, each playing a role in composing the tapestry of human genius. He has therefore personally selected "8 Marvels of the World" representative of artistic diversity and testifying to human cultures through time. The trunk evokes a journey through time. It houses the eight one-of-a-kind creations composing the "8 Marvels of the World".

It is made of natural elm burr and adorned with a silver-colored Fleur de Lys pattern. Its domed lid is topped by two cognac-colored leather straps. Its interior is made of black leather and the inside of the cover features an 18th century treasure: a globe drawn by Johann Gabriel Doppelmayr. The print is enhanced by watercolors, making this creation truly one of a kind.

Oris marks the 10th anniversary of Botswana’s aeromedical rescue organization Okavango Air Rescue with a limited-edition version of the Big Crown ProPilot that’s inspired by nature. The Oris Big Crown ProPilot Okavango Air Rescue Limited Edition celebrates the landmark achievements of Botswana’s aeromedical rescue organization.

Okavango Air Rescue Limited Edition - the perfect pilot’s watch

Swiss entrepreneur Christian Gross and German-born Dr Misha S. Kruck founded the aeromedical rescue organization Okavango Air Rescue (O.A.R.) in Botswana in 2011 to service a sparsely populated country with lots of remote communities.

The couple had complementary experience. Christian was a conservationist as well as a businessman, and had already established environmental organizations such as Animal Management Consultancy and the Breeding Centre for Endangered Arabian Wildlife.

Misha had vast medical experience and had worked all over the world, including during stints at International Red Cross and Rega, the Swiss air rescue service. They moved to Botswana in 2011 and set up O.A.R., a privately-owned and independently funded service that operates helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft, as well as a polyclinic, to bring quality medical care to locals and tourists visiting the country.

Oris is delighted to announce a partnership with O.A.R., and a new watch made to celebrate the service’s 10th anniversary. We continue to be passionate about organizations that bring Change for the Better – and about air rescue services. O.A.R. joins Rega and the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia on our list of partner aeromedical organizations.

The new watch is based on the Oris Big Crown ProPilot. Its green dial is inspired by the grasses of the Okavango Delta, and it comes on an exclusive green fabric strap created by Erika’s Originals. Botswana’s Okavango Delta is one of nature’s miracles and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Okavango Air Rescue’s service covers the area and beyond.  It’s one of the Seven Natural Wonders of Africa, covers a flat area of more than 20,000 km, and in 2014, it became the 1,000th site to be inscribed onto the UNESCO World Heritage List. Botswana’s Okavango Delta is one of the most spectacular sites on Earth.

Until the Okavango Air Rescue (O.A.R.) was established in 2011, the area was unserviced by an aeromedical organization. Local people and tourists requiring medical evacuation from remote areas had to wait for aircraft to arrive from neighboring South Africa.

Today, O.A.R. covers the delta area and the Southern African continent, flying two PC-12 fixed-wing aircraft and two Bell Jetranger 206 III helicopters. Visitors to the country are encouraged to take up a ‘patronage’, a contribution that helps the organization continue its mission. O.A.R. asks for a minimum of 150 pula, around US$15 an annual figure that’s roughly equivalent to buying a can of Coke once a month. The successful system was developed by Switzerland’s Rega air rescue service.

In an emergency, O.A.R. will send a medically equipped helicopter and an emergency doctor to rescue patrons and non-patrons. Any charges are considered later, usually through an insurance company. If those rescued don’t have insurance and can’t afford to pay, O.A.R. waives the cost.

The Okavango Air Rescue Limited Edition features a robust case, highly legible dial and oversized crown which makes it the perfect pilot’s watch. Here, safari detailing celebrates Okavango Air Rescue’s mission to provide medical support to remote areas of Botswana. 

The watch case is a multi-piece stainless steel case and the diameter of the watch is 41.00 mm (1.614 inches) with a green dial and luminous hands and indices covered with Super-LumiNova®. The top glass is covered with sapphire, domed on both sides, with an anti-reflective coating inside while the case back is in stainless steel, screwed with special engravings and a stainless steel screw-in security crown. 

The watch is fitted with a green textile strap created by Erika’s Originals exclusively for Oris. Supplied with an additional brown leather strap and the watch is water-resistant to 100 meters. The watch has an automatic winding movement and a power reserve of 38 hours and is limited to 2,011 pieces each delivered in a leather pouch. The watch is priced at CHF 2,300.

To celebrate the indescribable drive and competitive spirit of all athletes and fans, Apple launched the International Collection bands for Apple Watch, featuring 22 limited-edition Sport Loop bands with colorful designs that represent those nations across the globe. Each band also features a matching downloadable Stripes watch face showcasing color combinations that customers around the world can use to personalize their Apple Watch and boldly show their country support.

Apple launches 22 limited-edition Sport Loop bands

The soft, breathable, and lightweight International Collection Sport Loop bands are available representing the following countries: Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Mexico, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Russia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, and the US.

Available only online, the International Collection Apple Watch Sport Loop bands are available in 40 mm and 44 mm sizes for $49 (US). The band packaging includes App Clip functionality to easily download the matching country’s Stripes Apple Watch face. Additionally, customers can download any of the 22 watch faces from their website and also use Face Sharing to share with other Apple Watch users. The new Sport Loop bands and matching downloadable Stripes watch faces feature colorful designs that represent 22 nations across the globe.

The new Oris Aquis Date Calibre 400 41.5 mm series is both modern and avant-garde with heavy wide crown guards, and short angular semi-integrated lugs making this watch one of unique proportions that is considerably more compact on the wrist than other diver watches. 

Oris creates Aquis Date Calibre 400 - an avant-garde diver's watch

Oris Calibre 400 Series sets the new standard in automatic mechanical watchmaking. Conceived entirely in-house by the independent Swiss watch company’s skilled engineers, it offers elevated levels of anti-magnetism and a five-day power reserve, and comes with a 10-year warranty and 10-year recommended service intervals.

The watch is available in three iterations with ceramic bezel insert featuring a bright, legible white diving scale on a base of black, navy blue, or deep forest green. The case back includes a sapphire display window to showcase the new in-house movement, and the watch is water resistant to 300 meters.

All three versions of the new Aquis Date Calibre 400 41.5 mm series use a sunburst dial finish. Buyers can choose between a dark anthracite gray tone, an oceanic sunburst blue, or an emerald green, which feels deep and intense in initial images. The in-house Calibre 400 automatic movement inside the Oris Aquis Date Calibre 400 41.5 mm series is a major step forward for the brand’s movement-making capabilities, especially for its core offerings. 

In addition to outstanding accuracy, the Calibre 400 offers magnetic resistance of up to 2,250 gauss, more than 11 times the current ISO standard for anti-magnetism. Power reserve performance is robust as well, with twin mainspring barrels producing 120 hours of power reserve. 

Oris also validates the longevity of the Calibre 400 platform, recommending a service interval of 10 years rather than the more standard five recommended years between services. All three watches feature a stainless steel bracelet with vertically brushed center links. For those that prefer straps, all three models in the new line can also be optioned with the brand’s signed textured black rubber strap, which also includes a folding clasp and dive extension for a modern and functional sporting look.

The Oris Aquis Date Calibre 400 41.5 mm line is available now through authorized dealers at an MSRP of $3,300 on rubber and $3,500 with the stainless steel bracelet. For more details, please visit the Oris website.

MENA Newswire: Luxury e-commerce startup ShopWorn is on track to hit $20 million in sales by year end. Initially fueled by the revenge shopping spree begun by Chinese consumers, leading ShopWorn to open a Hong Kong satellite, American consumers are now doing their own revenge spending on ShopWorn as a sustainable alternative to buying used luxury. ShopWorn’s circular business model of acquiring past seasons’ unsold luxury watches, jewelry, leather goods and other accessories directly from luxury brands or their authorized retailers tackles a less addressed area in retail sustainability conversations: what to do with unsold inventory at the end of every season. 

US consumers on revenge shopping spree fueling ShopWorn sales

With consumers now choosing where they spend their money based on a company’s environmental footprint, luxury brands are viewing ShopWorn not only as a channel for their remaining inventory of never previously owned products, but also as a pathway for achieving zero-waste in their production cycles.  This added value has aided ShopWorn in increasing the number of luxury brands working directly with the site by 50 percent over the past 12 months. This gained market share and new customer acquisition account for ShopWorn’s 117 percent projected growth since the start of the pandemic. 

“Talk of sustainability must go beyond what has already been produced,” said Larry Birnbaum, CEO of ShopWorn. “What about the raw materials remaining after wholesale orders have been fulfilled? We understand these supplies are often never enough for a complete production run, so we encourage our brand partners to provide us merchandise made from these leftover materials, whether this is one item or five. In this, we assist our partners in reducing waste and support our customers’ desires to be part of the circular economy.” 

Cyril Guerin, Product Director for DeWitt Watches, commented, “The challenges that come from sparing no detail in achieving the highest in horology is the spare components once a DeWitt timepiece is completed.  This is where our relationship with ShopWorn has become a valuable part of our business as we continue to explore our environmental impact. Through ShopWorn, we are able to ensure fewer unused components at the end of every production season. Once our primary clientele orders have been satisfied, we then deliver to ShopWorn customers exceptional DeWitt timepieces that allow us to advance our ingenuity in watchmaking while focusing on zero waste. Sustainability in watchmaking isn’t impossible – you must only have the right partner to achieve it. For us, ShopWorn has been that partner.”

ShopWorn is an e-commerce shopping destination for customers who want to be the first to own authentic, unused luxury products but don’t want to pay luxury prices. Launched in 2015, ShopWorn was created to help brands and their authorized retailers sustainably alleviate the challenge of unsold inventory. 

With ShopWorn’s unique sourcing strategy of obtaining products directly from luxury brands and authorized retailers, every item sold on ShopWorn is guaranteed to be 100% authentic and never previously owned, even at incredible savings from the original MSRP. The direct relationship between ShopWorn, brands and authorized dealers alleviates any question of authenticity. And because customers should be able to trust what they see and buy online is what they receive, all ShopWorn product images are from an in-house photographer. Stock images are never used.  Items featured on the ShopWorn site are always in stock and ready to ship within two business days. 

Miral in collaboration with Warner Bros. Themed Entertainment announced that The WB Abu Dhabi hotel is on track to open in 2021. With a design and concept inspired by the world-famous Warner Bros. brand, the hotel, developed with a total investment of US$112 million, will complement the company’s commitment to diversifying Yas Island’s offerings and delivering unforgettable experiences for its visitors.

$112  million Warner Bros. themed hotel to be ready in Yas Island in 2021

The world’s first Warner Bros. themed hotel, operated and managed by Hilton under its upper-upscale Curio Collection by Hilton brand, is now 90 percent complete. To date, the first guestroom floors, branding and theming, as well as the ballroom, core spaces, and the building facade within Miral’s newest hospitality development, have been substantially completed.

Mohamed Abdalla Al Zaabi, CEO of Miral, commented, "We are proud of our long-term partnership with Warner Bros. that has resulted in two world-firsts here on Yas Island. The WB Abu Dhabi represents a great addition to Yas Island’s hospitality offerings and attractions, strengthening our commitment to position the Island as a top global destination for leisure, entertainment, and business. We look forward to celebrating the hotel’s opening later this year and welcoming guests to experience a truly unique hotel."

Peter van Roden, SVP Warner Bros. Themed Entertainment, said, "We are thrilled to be so close to completion on the world’s first Warner Bros. branded hotel. The WB Abu Dhabi will be an amazing complement to the adjacent Warner Bros. World theme park. The hotel will be a first-rate family destination inspired by the iconic WB library of film and television shows. Guests will be able to participate in all the thrills and excitement of the theme park then step inside the hotel for an experience fit for a Hollywood star.

Located next door to Warner Bros. World theme park, The hotel will feature 257 rooms over eight levels, with modern decor that celebrates Warner Bros. extensive film and television library. The property’s contemporary design will also include signature WB themed restaurants, a premier spa and fitness club, and a shaded rooftop pool where guests can take in Yas Island’s distinctive skyline, said the press release.

Her Highness Sheikha Latifa bint Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Chairperson of Dubai Culture & Arts Authority (Dubai Culture), has inaugurated Infinity des Lumières, the GCC’s largest immersive digital art centre. Representing a new era of modern immersive art, the establishment of the centre further enhances Dubai’s position as the city of the future.

Largest immersive digital art centre opens in Dubai representing a new era of art

Sheikha Latifa stressed that opening the centre is another step in the emirate's journey towards becoming a global cultural centre. This partnership enhances the emirate’s position as a destination of choice for the global creative movement and modern and contemporary arts and enriches the emirate’s knowledge-based economy in line with the leadership’s vision.

Her Highness explained that Dubai’s adoption of ambitious cultural projects, such as Infinity des Lumières, strengthens the emirate's position as the global capital of the creative economy, following the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai.

She added that the centre will not only bring a unique art experience to the public in Dubai, but also attracts digital creatives to establish their practice and thrive in the emirate, providing them with an innovative platform that would open up prospects for a prosperous future within the UAE and the region.

The centre, which opens to the public on 1st July, offers an unforgettable, multi-sensory and vibrant journey presented through the art of Van Gogh’s Starry Nights, DannyRose Studio’s Dreamed Japan "The Images of the floating world", and Thomas Vanz’s fully digital creation, Verse.

Spread over 2,700 square metres, Infinity des Lumières has created an innovative, technology-driven artistic platform using 130 projectors, 58 speakers, and 3,000 HD digital moving images. In May 2021, Dubai Culture announced its partnership with Infinity des Lumières to promote the future of art and culture in the city, marking the beginning of a new era of digital artists. Through the support of Dubai’s sophisticated community of talents, Infinity des Lumières will spend the coming year creating a niche community, where tech-driven artists have a place to gather and innovate.

Hope Probe Tourbillon is a new one-of-a-kind creation dedicated to the extraordinary UAE space mission. Based on a technology exclusive to Louis Moinet, this satellite tourbillon timepiece contains an authentic meteorite fragment from the Moon and genuine Martian meteorite dust.

Louis Moinet makes unique timepiece dedicated to UAE space mission

“The UAE mission, dubbed the Hope probe, entered Mars' orbit following a journey of more than 300 million miles offering an unprecedented  and unique instrumental synergy, by exploring Mars' different atmospheric layers, revealing new and global perspective of its atmospheric behavior and connections," said Jean-Marie Schaller, CEO and Creative Director of Les Ateliers Louis Moinet. "The UAE and the world rejoiced with pride and this unique timepiece is our way to honor the Mars mission - a remarkable feat of human ingenuity utilizing science and technology,” he added

The satellite tourbillon beautifully depicts on a blue dial, the map of the Northern hemisphere constellations and is crafted using a special miniature painting with mother-of-pearl technique. The green tourbillon carriage, measuring an exceptional 13.59 mm in diameter, is balanced by means of a Mars planet rotating around it and encrusted with genuine Mars meteorite dust.  A hand-painted depiction of the Hope Probe appears on the black aventurine front plate, inlaid with a genuine lunar meteorite fragment – as too is the black rear plate featuring a hand-painted UAE astronaut. 

The UAE’s Hope Probe is the first Arab space mission. Known as Al-Amal in Arabic, it will orbit the red planet for at least one Martian year (687 days). It is the first probe to provide a complete picture of the Martian atmosphere while evaluating its seasonal and daily changes. The Hope Probe is an important gift dedicated to the people of the UAE on the 50th anniversary of the nation and a source of inspiration for Arab youth. 

Jean-Marie Schaller created Les Ateliers Louis Moinet in St-Blaise (NE) in 2004. The fully independent firm was established to honor the memory of Louis Moinet (1768-1853): master watchmaker, inventor of the chronograph in 1816 (certified by Guinness World Records), and pioneer in the use of very high frequencies (216,000 vibrations per hour). Louis Moinet was a watchmaker, scholar, painter, sculptor, and teacher at the School of Fine Arts - as well as the author of the Traite d’Horlogerie, a watchmaking treatise published in 1848 that remained a definitive work of reference for a century.

Today, Ateliers Louis Moinet is perpetuating this legacy. The firm’s mechanical timepieces are produced as one-of-a-kind models or limited editions only and comprise two categories: “Cosmic Art” and “Mechanical Wonders”. Louis Moinet creations often make use of unusual and rare components, such as extraterrestrial meteorites or prehistorical materials. 

Breitling and IRONMAN have signed a long-term partnership and teamed up to co-design the Endurance Pro IRONMAN watches, a special series of Breitling’s ultimate athleisure watch. The result is a set of perfectly lightweight and lighthearted luxury sports watches combining high precision, innovative technology, and vibrant, colorful design. The launch features two exciting new watches: a red version available globally at all Breitling boutiques and retailers and online for sports and timekeeping enthusiasts, and a black and gold piece exclusively available for IRONMAN race finishers. Additional models reserved for the IRONMAN community are planned for the coming months. 

Ironman and Breitling partner to launch new watches

In 2019, Breitling and IRONMAN had already launched the highly successful Breitling Superocean IRONMAN Limited Edition. This new partnership kicks off a long-term collaboration with Breitling becoming the new Official Luxury Watch of IRONMAN. To celebrate the partnership and offer a first look at the watches, a special event was held at the Breitling Boutique in Beverly Hills. In attendance as special guests were IRONMAN Hall of Famer and 1997 IRONMAN World Champion, Heather Fuhr; IRONMAN Ambassador and the first person with Down syndrome to finish an IRONMAN, Chris Nikic; IRONMAN Hall of Famer and the Voice of IRONMAN, Mike Reilly; and professional IRONMAN triathlete Ben Hoffman, who was also on hand to celebrate the new watches as well as his recent partnership with Breitling as a local ambassador in the US. Since turning professional in 2007, Hoffman has won numerous IRONMAN, IRONMAN 70.3 and National Championship victories.

All three members of Breitling’s Triathlon Squad have distinguished themselves in IRONMAN triathlon events around the world. German triathlete Jan Frodeno is not only a 2008 Olympic gold medalist, but also a three-time IRONMAN World Champion and a two-time IRONMAN 70.3® World Champion. In 2019, Frodeno recorded a best overall course time at the IRONMAN World Championship®, winning in 7:51:13. Daniela Ryf, a native of Breitling’s home country of Switzerland, is a five-time IRONMAN 70.3 World Champion and four-time IRONMAN World Champion. The third squad member is Chris “Macca” McCormack from Australia, who has claimed two IRONMAN World Championship titles – in 2007 and again in 2010. He also won the 2012 ITU Long Distance World Championships.

All three represent the best in IRONMAN triathlon racing, which brings together three disciplines into the world’s most challenging single-day races, consisting of 2.4 miles (3.8 km) of swimming, 112 miles (180 km) of cycling, and 26.2 miles (42.2 km) of running.

The new Endurance Pro IRONMAN collection serves athletes as well as luxury clients looking for the ultimate athleisure timepiece. Its 44 mm watch case is made out of Breitlight, which is 3.3 times lighter than titanium and 5.8 times lighter than steel, but significantly harder. This exclusive high-tech material boasts exceptional resistance to scratches, traction, and corrosion. It also stands out for its anti-magnetic and anti-allergic properties, as well as its thermal stability, which gives it a warmer feel than metal. It’s powered by the Breitling Caliber 82, a COSC-certified thermo compensated SuperQuartz movement that is ten times more precise than regular quartz and offers a battery life of approximately three to four years.

The bidirectional rotating bezel has engraved compass points, and the tactile molded crown provides excellent grip and maneuverability. The hour and minute hands are coated with Super-LumiNova®, making them legible even in limited lighting conditions. Along with a small-second sub dial, there are 1/10th second and 30-minute chronograph counters that have also been designed for easy reading. The watch is water-resistant to 10 bar/100 meters/330 feet.

At present there are two versions available: Endurance Pro IRONMAN and Endurance Pro IRONMAN Finisher. The former comes with a red dial featuring a black inner bezel with a pulsometer scale. The watch is presented on a red rubber strap with a Breitlight double tang-type buckle. It features a unique IRONMAN inscription instead of the Breitling inscription. The latter – black accented with gold – is targeted at athletes who’ve completed an IRONMAN event. This version will be available exclusively through IRONMAN channels, and its case back features a special IRONMAN Finisher Series engraving.

Flydubai, the Dubai-based airline, has announced the start of daily flights to Warsaw (WAW) from 30th September, 2021. Warsaw will become flydubai’s second destination in Poland after Krakow (KRK), which currently operates with a twice weekly service.

Flydubai to offer daily flights to Warsaw from September 2021

Ghaith Al Ghaith, CEO at flydubai, said, "We have been flying to Krakow in Poland since 2018 and by adding Warsaw to our network we are providing our passengers with more options for travel to and from Poland. We look forward to creating travel and trade flows with our daily service."

With international travel restrictions gradually easing, flydubai has grown its network to over 90 destinations including several seasonal summer routes, such as Batumi in Georgia, Bodrum and Trabzon in Turkey, Mykonos and Santorini in Greece, Naples in Italy, Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt and Tivat in Montenegro.

Flydubai’s network offers passengers the chance to explore a range of cities rich in culture, heritage and activities such as Baku, Bucharest, Budapest, Istanbul, Ljubljana, Tbilisi, Tirana and Yerevan. flydubai also offers flights to some of the best beaches and tropical hotspots in the world including the Maldives and Zanzibar.

Emirates will codeshare on flights to Warsaw, offering travelers more seamless connections through Dubai’s international aviation hub to 168 destinations between both the Emirates and flydubai networks, including Australia, China, Indian Ocean, Japan, South Asia, and the US.

The airline's passenger experience has been redesigned to enable travel in a safe environment that minimizes crew and passenger contact and offers passengers confidence to travel at every step of their journey. Passengers who book a flight through will receive complimentary global cover for COVID-19 related costs.

Passengers are required to make sure that they are up to date with the regulations from the IATA Travel Centre and the IATA destination tracker for their whole journey, and follow the guidance issued by the authorities and the airline. Passengers can also visit the COVID-19 information hub on their website for more information.

United Kingdom residents will be able to experience the magic of Disney Cruise Line close to home with brand-new Disney Magic at Sea "staycation" sailings from U.K. ports this summer for a limited time. Featuring enchanted entertainment and with multiple layers of health and safety measures, the Disney Magic cruise ship plans to sail mostly 2- and 3-night voyages, as well as limited 4-night sailings round-trip from London Tilbury, Newcastle, Liverpool and Southampton.

Disney offers staycation sailings for UK residents this summer

"Our teams are bringing tremendous ingenuity and fun to these new cruises, tailoring them with care to the times we are living in, yet filling them with everything you'd expect from Disney, from great service and entertainment to immersive dining experiences and magic for the whole family," said Thomas Mazloum, president of Disney Cruise Line.

Guests will remain aboard the Disney Magic throughout the sailing and will enjoy an unforgettable cruise experience with world-class accommodations, dazzling entertainment and a variety of included dining options. Children and adults alike will delight in spaces created just for them, including family pools and waterslides, whimsical kids clubs, and adult-only retreats such as a secluded pool and spa, a lively entertainment district and a fine-dining restaurant.

Favorite Disney stories, characters and entertainment will come to life during these special Disney Magic at Sea cruises, including a celebration with Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and their pals, a Frozen flurry of fun with Anna, Elsa and Olaf, and an epic encounter with Marvel's greatest Super Heroes. Guests will cherish special moments with beloved Disney friends, from capturing physically distanced photos with Captain Mickey, to enjoying a royal promenade with Disney Princesses or seeing favorite Toy Story pals. West End-quality stage shows will captivate guests of all ages in the elegant Walt Disney Theatre.

Disney Cruise Line is implementing multiple layers of health and safety measures considering guidance from the U.K. government, health authorities and medical experts. This includes COVID-19 testing, health screenings, face coverings, reduced guest capacity, physical distancing and enhanced cleaning.

Disney Magic at Sea staycation sailings are expected to go on sale in April 2021 for sailings this summer, pending the issuance of U.K. government guidelines and authorizations. For more information, visit their website.

The LEGO Group unveiled the latest enviable addition to its garage, a life-size replica of the Lamborghini Sian FKP 37 made from over 400,000 LEGO Technic elements. This show stopping collaboration with Automobili Lamborghini demonstrates once again that with Technic, you can build whatever you can imagine for real.

LEGO Group and Automobili Lamborghini to create life-size replica of the Lamborghini Sian

Following the launch of the 1:8 scale LEGO Technic Lamborghini Sian FKP 37 last year, this life-size model replicates the visionary design of the limited-edition Italian super sports car on a much grander scale. Over 154 different types of LEGO elements have been used to ensure the model embodies the futuristic elegance and unmistakeable silhouette of the Lamborghini Sian, down to the most minute details.

Lena Dixen, Senior Vice President of Product and Marketing at the LEGO Group said: “Our designers love a challenge, so you can imagine their delight when we tasked them to think slightly larger than normal with this model. They jumped at the chance of teaming up with our amazing designers and engineers from our model production workshop at the Kladno factory in the Czech Republic who build these impressive life-size models, and really pushing the boundaries of what can be done with LEGO Technic. The creativity that the system allows meant it was possible to really do justice to the exceptional design of the Lamborghini Sian FKP 37.”

Marking the second collaboration between the two companies’ talented designers, engineers and technicians, the model mirrors the dimensions of the Lamborghini Sian FKP 37 to the millimeter. The proportion-perfect frame is covered with an intricate fabric of bespoke hexagonal LEGO Technic elements which interconnect to form an energy-charged shell. The design plays homage to the six-sided shape that plays an integral role in Automobili Lamborghini’s design language, echoing the iconic hexagonal taillights and exhaust shape on the Italian super sports car.

Externally the Lamborghini Sian’s design has been replicated in meticulous detail. The word Sían means “flash” or “lightning” in the Bolognese dialect so to mark this, the electrical experts from the LEGO Group ensured that the lights and sleek lightning bolt that flashes along the body reflect how the real model’s epsilon headlights and hexagonal taillights power up and down. 

Inside the cockpit the detail continues, with a brick-built steering wheel emblazoned with the famous Lamborghini emblem and Italian flag, LEGO-built dashboard controls and racing seats. This model is the first large-scale model from the LEGO Group to have a paintbrush-effect UV color coating applied to ensure the model lasts a lifetime. The color, which is a perfect match to the 1:8 scale LEGO Technic model, was applied by Automobili Lamborghini’s official paint shop to ensure a finish worthy of the super sports car.The result: a flawless model that could be mistaken for the real super sports car, proudly created by a team of 15 people during 8,660 hours of development and painstaking construction.

Following the breath-taking launch of the 1:8 scale model, the life-size LEGO Technic Lamborghini Sian FKP37 has been given its own show-stopping moment deserving of the super sports car. In a new first-of-its-kind virtual unveiling from the LEGO Group, the full-scale model has been rebuilt in a virtual LEGO workshop to give supercar fans and LEGO lovers the chance to get up close and personal with the immense model, while ensuring the safety of fans around the world. 

The resulting experience is packed with suspense and emotion, making viewers’ dreams come true by giving them the chance to get behind the wheel of the 1:8 scale model before they are ‘transformed’ along with the model into the full-scale replica revealed today.  The experience lets viewers explore this feat of design excellence in their own time; they can sit in the driver’s seat and hear from the talented Automobili Lamborghini and LEGO Group designers who made this model a reality. 


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