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Hesjy is a contemporary new brand from Fleurier after Parmigiani & Bovet and has made an impactful entry at Baselworld 2017. This new generation brand extols the intrinsic values of Swiss watches such as precision manufacturing, technological innovations, sophisticated designs, high-quality materials and longevity.

The brand Hesjy has been formed on the conviction that opposites are not contradictory, far from it, they have created a timepiece that brilliantly combines freedom and control, simplicity and complexity, smallness and greatness, luxury and restraint, while at the same time respecting long-standing traditions in luxury watchmaking.

The brand has chosen Orion as their symbol. Like a celestial hourglass measuring through the sands of time, this prominent constellation is among one of the most beautiful shapes in the sky and is visible throughout the world.

With their first timepiece elle-one, the brand breaks away from extravagance and finds its soul in elegance much like the modern, astute woman it is designed for. The watch features a Swiss-made manual winding mechanical movement and its gorgeous style hides the crown.

The watch is complex on the inside and unassuming on the outside and its movement can be admired from the case back. Elle-one is available in metal or gold set with gems making them classic and contemporary timepieces.