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Refined Finish

If you are looking for out of the ordinary pieces of jewellery, check out Nana Fink’s collections. Every single piece is more than a creation – it is an inspiration. The powerful charisma of antique jewels is reincarnated with a contemporary, refined finish, yielding beautiful jewellery with a modern yet classic design.

Nana Fink fuses influences from the art of various ancient cultures & design époques and draws out the essence of what makes jewellery timeless. The collections include bangles reminiscent of a mystic world; interlocking rings that bear memories of ancient wisdom, earrings that reveal a spark of Art Déco aesthetics, as well as jewellery for gentlemen.

In blending antiquity with a contemporary cosmopolitan spirit, Nana Fink presents unique lines of jewellery pieces of enduring beauty that unfold their ancient charm in our presence.

Collection sophistiquée was born in New York totally inspired by the elegance of Art Deco architecture. The collection comprises rings, bangles, pendants, cuff links and necklaces, and the pieces all come in silver, gold and platinum, and by request also decorated with hand carved stones.

Nana Fink grew up in a family with a strong artisan background, which profoundly influenced her sense for beauty, colors, shapes, design, and perfection. Already at the age of ten, she spent hours in the goldsmith’s workshop of her mother’s cousin, where she received her first insight into jewellery design. Devoting herself entirely to her creative talent, the passionate independent jewellery designer has spent the last four years designing and developing her first collections.

As an ardent antiques enthusiast, Nana Fink would use her limited spare time to immerse herself in specialist literature about antique furniture and jewellery. She frequently sought new ideas at historical museums, antique stores and jewellery fairs in Europe and New York. With its strong creative spirit and unsurpassable art and design scene, New York became a place of great inspiration for her.

Nana Fink jewellery is crafted exclusively by hand in Switzerland. Nana Fink elaborates her ideas in every single detail before developing them together with a handful of carefully selected artisans. The precision work, such as the finishing, is carried out by master artisans and the designer herself.