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Minimalist Watches

Watches from Werenbach would appeal to the individualist. They are minimalist watches stripped back to the bare essentials. Subtle engraving on the side and case back tell the story of the watch. The striking crown is inspired by the pressure valve on a Russian cosmonaut’s suit. The watch face includes the coordinates of the Baikonur Cosmodrome, the launch point of the rockets.

The watches are made from SRE stainless steel made from the engine of a steam turbine. SRE stands for Soyuz Rocket Engine. The watch diameter measures 43 mm and the height of the case is 16 mm and the watch is water resistant to 100 meters.

Werenbach is a young Zurich-based watch company that produces wristwatches using material from Russian Soyuz rockets that have flown into space. The watches are crafted in small series and are available directly from the studio or online.

At Werenbach everything revolves around the material and where it comes from. Given the nature of the material used and its extraordinary history, the watches embody space, space travel and adventure like no other.

The base material for the watch cases is sourced from the rocket’s power turbines (steel) or the outer shell (aluminum). In order to produce the watch cases, these materials must be smelted, with minimal changes to the composition of the alloys.

The Soyuz rocket is the emblem of Russian space travel and the mother of all rockets. An early model of the modern version launched the first satellite – Sputnik – into space in 1957. To this day the Soyuz rocket is still the most frequently flown orbital rocket in the world and continues to transport astronauts to the ISS. The material used for Werenbach watches comes from Soyuz rockets launched in Baikonur, Kazakhstan.