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Limitless Possibilities

The H1 Cigar is the first customized watch from HYT and a demonstration of the almost limitless possibilities for developing unique cases which combine “polyepoxyde” resin with a solid element of the owner’s choosing.

HYT goes one step further in customization by letting the customer be the one to choose the alchemy that appeals to them making each piece unique and intimately linked to its wearer.

Owners therefore can, under certain technical conditions, incorporate solid elements from their own personal universe in their HYT time piece. Are you a cigar lover? Then the H1’s case can be adorned with the most beautiful Rodolfo Vitola cigar from your personal collection.

The watch is large with a 48.8 mm diameter and 17.9 mm thickness and incorporates retrograde fluid hours; minutes, seconds and boasts a mechanical hand-wound, exclusive HYT calibre with a 65-hour power reserve. There are only eight such watches in the world making this a true collectors watch.