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Glimpse Into The Future

The Faraday Future concept car FFZERO1 was launched recently at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las

Vegas and it is truly a glimpse into the future of design and engineering vision.

Building a supercar may not seem like the most obvious decision for a producer of electric vehicles and new mobility solutions to make. But, Faraday Future’s engineering team was particularly eager to experiment with their new Variable Platform Architecture (VPA), a unique system developed for electric vehicles that combines structural stability with extensive modularity.

What makes this platform so groundbreaking is its dynamic, endlessly adaptable design. The chassis can be extended or contracted based on the vehicle’s needs. In doing so, they vary the number of stored batteries, which are arranged in “strings.” Adding or subtracting battery strings will modify a vehicle’s potential weight, energy efficiency, and travel distance off of a single charge.

This VPA offers an unprecedented variability in vehicle design, allowing for a diverse, highly-customizable fleet of cars to be produced at maximum efficiency and with minimal environmental impact.

Though Faraday Future is not a race car company, the process of designing the FFZERO1 Concept served as an indispensable proof of concept for the technologies they are developing, the all-digital design processes, and the incredible collective power of the world-class teams that they have assembled.

The Faraday launch comes at an opportune time as the Audi R8, Porsche 918 Spyder and Lamborghini’s have become too common place and Ferrari needs a serious competitor. For full features or more details visit