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An Ideal Gift For Kids

Before you dole out $300 on a drone, you can gift your kids the PowerUp 3.0, which converts their homemade paper plane and powers it for up for a 10-minute flight. With the PowerUp attachment, you can remotely control a paper airplane through a Bluetooth connected smartphone or tablet. PowerUp 3.0 is a small Bluetooth Smart module with propeller attached to a lightweight frame.

It is essentially an electric paper airplane conversion kit that connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth Smart. Using the PowerUp smartphone app, PowerUp 3.0 adds an interactive element to the classic paper airplane experience by converting self-made origami into a smartphone-controlled flying machine.

Kids can enjoy a fun experience, before graduating to drones. Flying range is limited to around 55 meters. The conversion kit includes a Bluetooth Smart module, a micro USB cable, paper templates including illustrated waterproof paper, a spare propeller and a spare rudder.