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Swiss company Rinspeed, displayed its hybrid sports car concept Σtos – a self-driving car with a folding and retracting steering which disappears in the dashboard in a few seconds. This creates lots of space in front of the driver who can grab and read a book in comfort – the old-fashioned way or can work in a relaxed atmosphere. The position of the two curved 21.5-inch Ultra HD widescreen monitors is individually adjustable to provide an even better view of the displayed contents.

A matching fit is provided by the unrivalled infotainment experience that the innovative Harman Connected Car technologies conjure up in the vehicle. Just like a personal assistant, the system thinks along, is courteous, anticipates needs and on top of that provides perfect entertainment, connectivity and maximum safety.

A total of eight HD exterior cameras visually monitor the vehicle surroundings completely. This makes impressive 180-degree panoramic views in front of the vehicle and behind possible and provides virtual “exterior mirrors” with an expanded field of vision that has no blind spots.

People and objects in the entire vehicle surroundings are detected and tracked automatically. If they represent an accident hazard, the driver receives an appropriate warning. In tricky situations such as in parking garages, the so-called “Curb View” is activated automatically. It offers a “direct” view of the front wheels and thus helps prevent unwanted contact with curbs or other obstacles. The vehicle navigation also offers entirely new detail views.

The Σtos is fitted with an on-board DJI drone complete with landing platform in the rear. An armada of 12,000 individually controlled LEDs can transform this platform into an electronic message board or a visual dance floor. The drone itself is capable of providing some very useful services. For example, it can pick up a bouquet of flowers or shoot a selfie of the ride in the Σtos and stream it. The car is fitted with a host of other tech features and qualitative interiors and is a step forward towards autonomous mobility.