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Citizen has launched a watch that can beam precise time from 20,000 kilometers up in the sky. The new Citizen Satellite Wave – GPS watches feature Satellite Wave function. Satellite Waves captures position data and a time signal from GPS satellites orbiting in space to automatically adjust time and date. Your GPS watch will display the precise time wherever you are on Earth, as long as there is an open sky above you.

Satellite Wave needs as little as three seconds to receive a time signal only. In addition, it can work out your current position in a minimum of 30 seconds by linking to at least four satellites to capture both a position data and time signal. Satellite Wave now connects to Japan’s new Michibiki Quasi-Zenith Satellite System.

Easy to operate and offering two different situation-appropriate reception options, the Citizen GPS watch experience is seamless and fun. The watches feature Eco-Drive technology that ensures that the watch never stops, wherever you are. Eco-Drive is a Citizen proprietary technology that converts sunlight and dim indoor light into energy to drive a watch while storing the surplus power in a lithium-ion cell. When fully charged, Eco-Drive runs for a long time even in darkness, making regular battery replacement a thing of the past.

Citizen has advanced timekeeping with the idea that watchmaking is still a work in progress, and always could become better since its foundation in 1918. From sustained operation and comfort on the wrist, to ensuring the highest possible precision, there is no limit to innovation and improvement in creating a timepiece for people around the globe.