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One of the most striking concept cars to be showcased in 2016 was the Mini Vision Next 100 – offering a premium compact car for the urban dweller. Digitalization and connectivity are increasingly changing the way we get around on a daily basis – and this change is taking place most rapidly and noticeably in urban areas. The Mini Vision Next 100 responded to the needs of urban mobility in the imminent future.

The core philosophy behind the Mini Vision Next 100 was the thoughtful use of the planet’s resources in providing personal mobility. In the future, fans of the marque will be able to call on a Mini tailored to their personal requirements where ever they are, day or night. The Mini of the future will be available 24/7, able to pick its driver up from their desired location in a fully automated way and will adapt itself to the driver’s individual tastes, interests and preferences. At the heart of this concept is fully connected digital intelligence.

This new concept looks to offer smart and bespoke mobility. In the future, as now, people will be attracted in great numbers to Mini cars and the attitude to life associated with them. However, it may not actually be necessary to own a Mini, to be part of the action.

The Mini Vision Next 100 is wrapped in a discreet, silver skin. The Mini designers refer to it as a blank canvas. How that canvas is used varies according to the individual user, their mood and the situations they encounter. Even the color of the roof and the lighting mood in the interior respond in kind. The Mini uses projections adapted to the driver in terms of color, graphics and content to create a personalized experience and customized package of on-board information.

The Cooperizer forms a connection between the driver and digital intelligence. The Cooperizer is the name the Mini Vision Next 100 gives to the centrally positioned circular instrument that has become such a signature feature of Mini cockpits. In the Mini Vision Next 100 it illuminates like a kaleidoscope. The colors and patterns it generates symbolize the car’s multi-faceted digital intelligence, which allows it to select a personalized setting for each driver, encompassing entertainment, communications and autonomous-driving options. On the move, the driver can influence the Cooperizer’s decision-making, as the rotary controls allow adjustments to the interior ambience and driving mode. So the car can be adapted to give a perfectly personalized driving experience, whether driven conventionally or autonomously.

In the future, driving in a Mini will still be fun, to the extent that drivers will prefer to drive themselves – as often as possible. The mechanical experience of speed and the feeling of nipping swiftly through twists and turns are part of what makes driving Mini a pleasurable experience. In the future world of self-driving cars, this side of motoring may have an even more significant role. Various aspects of the Mini Vision Next 100 will take the go-kart feeling to another new level. Cleared of many controls and screens, the interior has a pure, uncluttered look. The glass front end opens up a dynamic view of the road. Here, augmented reality displays show the route or ideal driving line, heightening the driving sensation.

In addition the car offers maximum interior space within the smallest possible footprint along with zero-emission drive system. The generous feeling of cabin space is enhanced by a full-width bench seat and pedals that slide with the steering wheel to adjust their position. The steering wheel is always there, but the option remains, to ask the car to drive by itself. Autonomous driving plays an important role in the Mini Vision Next 100, allowing it to travel occupant-free to a charging station, cleaning service, parking space or the next user. To switch from driving themselves to autonomous driving, the driver simply moves the steering wheel into the central area between themselves and the front passenger. Those on board enjoy greater freedom of movement, and getting in and out of the car in busy city centers is that much easier.

Sharing cars, homes and goods is ever-more common, as digitalization, connectivity and artificial intelligence make processes simpler and more automated. The Mini Vision Next 100 can bring together a community of likeminded people, with a shared Mini lifestyle in common. Everybody benefits from everybody. And mobility opens up inspirational experiences yet stands by its sustainable approach and prudent use of resources.