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Jubilee Collection

A select few brands are going back to their heritage and recreating timepieces from their past and Swiss brand Albert Riele’s Family 1881 Limited Edition collection is a throwback to the past. Limited to 135 timepieces, the collection offers four unique pocket watches that are the flagship of the Family 1881 jubilee collection.

Their exquisite and ingeniously constructed mechanisms are the perfect embodiment of the Albert Riele brand’s character. They pay tribute to tradition and yet are at the same time an expression of the company’s approach to form and presentation. This duality is further emphasized by the watch construction, allowing the wearer to read the time and observe the workings of the mechanism through the transparent cover.

Albert Riele was established in 1881 in Switzerland – the home of watchmaking – as a traditional watch atelier. In the year 2013 the brand was bought over by investors, bringing it a new sparkle with a whole array of fabulous timepieces. In 2016 Albert Riele celebrates its 135th anniversary. A special jubilee collection of unique watches has been created for this occasion – Family 1881.

Albert Riele redefines style. Its watches boldly embody perfect design solutions in a fresh, modern spirit. They are the answer to the question of what a contemporary, high-end wristwatch should look like. The design of Albert Riele timepieces is a meeting of tradition, an inherent measure of chic, with the youthful energy of their talented designers’ vision.

Albert Riele attaches great importance to details. Perfect balance between aesthetic and functional features determines the distinctive character of the Albert Riele timepiece. It also sets the tone for the choice of materials and components: reliable quartz and mechanical Swiss movements, sapphire crystal with an anti-reflective coating, high quality stainless steel and butterfly clasp watch bands.