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Exclusive Product

Bernard Favre’s Planet watch winder for luxury watches is an exclusive product that combines functionality with innovative design, quality and elegance. It is both aesthetically pleasing and practical and has been solely developed and manufactured in Switzerland by Bernard Favre.

With its simple and elegant design, Planet is the perfect addition to your office or business environment and remains a classic alternative to the original desktop clock. Planet comprises nine different programs for winding all types of watches and has a 120-day battery life.

It is easily rechargeable by USB and comes with a two-year warranty. Planet is available through more than 40 distributors in over 12 countries and can be purchased online at

Priced at US$1,320, the watch winder is available in silver, black and gold colors and measures 124 mm in diameter and 155 mm in height. It is accompanied with a travel case, a USB charger rechargeable via PC or AC adapter.

Bernard Favre has pushed the boundaries, presenting a winding system which combines two requirements coveted by watch enthusiasts and watchmakers: an original mechanism and a powerful design, all under the sign of innovation.

Thus the presentation case in itself has become a focus of attention, naturally taking its place in any interior, a lounge or office. First it creates intrigue, before showing its true colors by unveiling the spellbinding ballet of a watchmaking piece, which it keeps in continuous operation.