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Sheer Class

Just when you think you have seen them all comes along a writing instrument that you absolutely love for its simplicity and design. This minimal pen comes in a pocket-able sleeve engineered to last a lifetime. Machined out of solid metal, the body is made of steel and the sleeve of polished brass and exudes sheer class.

What is striking about this beautifully machine crafted writing instrument is that unlike most writing instruments, it is not branded with a highly visible logo and retains a very discreet look. The ultra-high machining tolerances between the pen and sleeve create a piston-like effect. The pen falls slowly and firmly into its sleeve and makes a gentle popping sound when you pull it out quickly.

The rounded polished brass sleeve is gentle on your hands and pockets. The brass is purposely uncoated, so that it picks up a unique patina over time with usage. Pen Type-B embodies the material properties and sensation of machined metal that we one doesn’t normally get to touch and feel every day. Every time you take it out of your pocket, you get a little feel of that magic.

Pen Type-B is compatible with Hi-Tec-C Japanese gel-ink cartridges. It is not a feature rich pen, not a space pen or a tactical pen. It is devoid of a clip or a rubber grip or surface. The refined design eliminates all unnecessary elements from a writing instrument to create a contemporary design that can withstand the test of time. Pen Type-B reduces the pen to its essence.

The pen is designed by CW&T, a design studio in Brooklyn and manufactured at a multi-generation machine shop in Vermont and retails for $160 plus shipping. It can be purchased from their website.