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Diagono Magnesium

Bulgari’s eminently graphic, urban and contemporary Diagono Magnesium Chronograph took its own special place in the world of sports watches entirely in tune with current values. This vibrantly high-tech watch has now been introduced in a horological complication in the shape of a self-winding chronograph movement. Its versatile nature stems from its inspiration rooted in ancient history. The name Diagono comes from the Ancient Greek word agôn – a classic term expressing competition and efficiency demonstrated in compliance with the rules of sportsmanship, in an inherently elegant manner.

This masculine sports watch exudes an immediate sense of performance. While this tone in itself corresponds to the spirit of the emblematic Diagono case, the kinship is further heightened by the fact that Diagono Magnesium is a watch developed, structured and assembled in a way comparable to that of the finest modern Italian sports cars. Diagono Magnesium is a compendium of technical sophistication, expressed through the high-tech parts composing its case: magnesium, ceramic, Motorlac and PEEK.

Water-resistant to 100 meters, this exceptional watch is teamed with a vulcanized rubber strap perfectly suited to the style and the contemporary strength of the 42 mm magnesium and PEEK watch. Four versions are available: black, red, blue and grey. The dials are lacquered in the corresponding color. The B130 caliber powering this model is a mechanical self-winding chronograph movement with a 42-hour power reserve. It is just 6.10 mm thick.

Diagono Magnesium Chronograph surprises and appeals through its personality, its versatility and its technical qualities – prominent among which is its lightness. The versatile sports watch by Bulgari is in a league of its own among sports watches. This technical and sophisticated collection readily adopts an urban, cosmopolitan attitude. Resolutely contemporary and confidently asserting in both its sportiness and its sophistication, this watch transitions smoothly from the field of competition and performance to more low-key urban settings, where it remains a visible token of the spirit of conquest nurtured by its wearer.

Magnesium represents sturdiness and lightness. Well known for its organic and chemical properties, magnesium is a metal with a silvery white sheen. It is very light and endowed with exceptional mechanical characteristics. It boasts maximum durability for a minimum weight, which makes it hardly surprising that this material is used in cutting-edge technologies such as aviation, space research and Formula 1 racing. These are fields in which absolute performance is the ultimate goal and that yield a wealth of research and experimental data that are then used to apply these discoveries to more accessible domains such as the automotive industry and haute horlogerie.