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Versatile Accessory

The new lady watch from Swiza combines elegance, modernity and sophistication. It was developed by women in order to make it easy to find the specific time keeper that confirms taste and lifestyle of the urban lady. This collection is a balance between distinctness and ornament and is going to advance to a most versatile accessory.

Helvetica Brands launches a new lady watch collection. This ambitious time keeper is on one hand a trendy time keeper and on the other hand a gem that represents femininity per se. Its development is an edgy approach; each model is unique and corresponds to the personal taste and life style of the wearer. The eight different models are tailored to the different needs of today’s life of urban ladies.

Discreet and classical, sparkling and trendy, modern and vintage; the appearance of each model is unique and will convince those women who want to underline their individuality as well as set a trendy statement. The engaged business woman, the ambitious student and even the modern companion they will all be fascinated by the Stella.

The sophisticated stainless steel case measures 37mm in diameter and characterizes this trendy line. The colors of the dials are in the spirit of the time – light blue is the color of the year 2016 by Pantone – and they match perfectly with the different materials of the straps and bracelets.

The new Stella by Swiza is inspired by today’s Switzerland: modern, sophisticated and cosmopolitan design goes hand in hand with watch making tradition and highly reliable quality. This real gem is designed to fulfill the aesthetical demands of the urban lady.

Swiza is a 111 years old brand that is synonymous with all of the attributes of Swiss craftsmanship. Since 1904 the brand has set new standards of quality for versatile, durable and affordable products. They have continued the tradition and heritage of quality built by their Swiss ancestors.