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Velsheda Deco

Luxury Swiss watch brand Speake-Marin offers a new version of their iconic model Velsheda Deco. Influenced by Gothic art with its strong curves and points, often seen in many Speake-Marin watches, the Velsheda Deco has been conceptualized in a more conservative execution with a 38mm case in steel and a dial made in enamel and echoes back to the early inspirations of Peter Speake-Marin’s designs linking to his days in restoration of antique watches in London’s Piccadilly.

The sumptuously sculpted unique hand is neatly counter balanced by a red pointer at one end and an arc at the other; coupled with the fine 5-minute graduations around the peripheral chapter ring they create an overall aesthetic echoing that of a compass. To increase the facility of reading the time of the unique hand, indexes were added for the 15 and 45 minutes segments.

Named after the iconic British J Class yacht built in the 1930s and still racing today, Velsheda offers a minimalist display of time using a single polished, heat treated blued steel hand. While the single hand extends across the diameter of the dial, its central hub is in the form of the Speake-Marin topping tool logo, as is the central seconds wheel sitting above it. The rotation of the second’s wheel on top of the slower moving hub of the hand creates ever-changing, eye-catching patterns, drawing the eye to the center of Velsheda’s dial.

The Velsheda’s Vaucher caliber is an automatic winding movement. The movement dominates the view through the case-back and provides a technical backdrop for the beautifully finished rotor. Like the central hub of the hand and the second’s wheel, the rotor is in the shape of the Speake-Marin topping tool logo, a motif permeating the whole timepiece. The Velsheda Deco is available in a limited edition of eight pieces.