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Kalpa Tourbillon Cyclone

Parmigiani Fleurier has always sought to reinterpret natural phenomena, whether mechanically, through its perpetual calendars and its moon phases, or aesthetically, in symbolic illustrations of nature. The unique Kalpa Tourbillon Cyclone has a mother of pearl marquetry dial which, through its color gradation and subtle fragmentation, reflects the power of the natural phenomenon from which it takes its name.

One by one, the mother of pearl segments are placed around the tourbillon cage which represents the epicenter. Each of the 103 pieces of mother of pearl are selected for their precise shade to ensure the ensemble produces a gradation of blues, from light in the center, darkening as they move out towards the edge.

Each segment is cut into a trapezoid figure and positioned so as to produce the effect of an explosion. The fresco is arranged concentrically around the tourbillon, and features a fractal representation of the disturbance that only a cyclone, as a force of nature, can produce.

The platinum case is set with 215 baguette diamonds, totaling 11.88 carats. The hours are indicated by faceted indices, and the power reserve highlighted by a diamond-polished, rhodium-plated applique.

The Hermès strap is a remarkable shade of blue, in harmony with the tones of the marquetry dial. The name given to this shade by Hermès is no less striking: tempest blue. The unique Kalpa Tourbillon Cyclone is perfectly in keeping with its theme, right down to the last detail of the strap.

The Kalpa Tourbillon Cyclone is equipped with a 30-second tourbillon which is exclusive to the Parmigiani Fleurier watchmaking center and a feat of production. Rotating twice per minute rather than once, this tourbillon doubles the compensating effect on the force of gravity usually offered by a tourbillon.

This hand-wound movement has a double barrel mounted in series, giving it a power reserve of one week, a rare feat for a complication such as this. The movement’s bridges are hand-beveled – over 40 hours of work for the 18 internal angles – creating spectacular plays of light. Each surface is decorated in line with the highest Haute Horlogerie standards to which Parmigiani Fleurier scrupulously adheres.