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Bespoke Line

The creation of any product that is bespoke is a time-consuming process as it is about building a close relationship with the customer. To understand their aspirations and to create original solutions that deliver striking designs – to not just meet their needs but exceed expectations. By introducing the new Bespoke Line of watch winders, Buben & Zorweg have done just that.

The sheer diversity of solutions and materials that can be found in the current collection is a veritable ode to the sense of individuality and uniqueness shared by many of the most demanding customers and collectors. Be it the array of fine leathers, the high-quality finishes on fine timbers or the high-tech materials skillfully integrated into the design, the number of possibilities becomes virtually endless once the customer starts contributing his own input and creative ideas.

The fact is that few brands in the luxury sector have such a developed customer-centric philosophy as the brand, allowing for a level of customization that transforms time into a borderless space where anything is possible. But although customization can be a very detailed process allowing for the incorporation of far-reaching modifications, it also requires a fair amount of time in order to meet the uncompromising quality standards that apply to all the brand’s creations.

With the new Bespoke Line, they have enabled customers and collectors all around the world to take possession of their very own customized watch winder without any additional expenditure of time or effort. A process where there is no need for separate planning or calculations, and all matters concerning feasibility or material characteristics are perfectly clear from the onset.

A selection of fascinating, shimmering, high-gloss lacquer finishes, ranging from the elegantly sophisticated to the strikingly powerful, shortens the journey of determining color. Regarding materials, individual preferences are met by their own design experts with a bandwidth of finest leathers that enables the owner to adapt their future watch winder to a specific ambience and their own personal taste.

The Bespoke Line was launched at Baselworld earlier this year underscoring the importance of exceeding expectations. The luxury world today is all about personalization as customers and collectors want a high level of exclusivity and to express themselves in their own way and style.