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Unlimited Creativity

Chameleon Color Tones have come up with a creative pen set that allows for unlimited creativity and will transform how artists of all genres, capabilities and age groups will have better color control to easily accomplish even the most complex drawing and coloring tasks.

Acknowledged as a real innovation that enhances the end user’s ability to maximize creativity in all aspects of their artwork, this unique and easily controlled system changes the color tone of the ink in each pen from a hint of a tint to its pure color, creating highlights, shading, seamless gradations and blending effects.

It is like having a pallet of color tones in one pen. The vision of Inventor Terry Bolton was to create a system whereby the user could do more with less. Color Tone Pens help bring depth and dimension to a picture. The internationally patented system brings out the hidden tones in each color and makes color gradation and blending simple and easy to do.

Designed with a three nib technology, the bullet nib and Japanese soft brush nib allow for diverse coloring techniques. The third nib, the mixing nib, is in the mixing chamber which contains the toning fluid. When pressing the mixing nib against either the bullet nib or soft brush nib, the toning fluid is absorbed into the pen, lightening the color.

One pen produces multiple color tones – seamless blends that are perfect for giving depth and dimension to any artwork. Ideal for all paper crafts, manga, graphic and fine art needs, the Chameleon Color Tones Pens are refillable and have replaceable nibs. The pens are non-toxic, low odor and permanent on most surfaces.

A must have tool for every artist’s tool kit – the pens are available individually, in five-pen sets and a 22-pen deluxe set. The five pen sets come in a variety of colors including pastel tones, primary color tones, earth tones and cool tones. The pens can be bought by clicking on this link and are priced at $27 for a five-pen set to $100 for a 22-pen deluxe set.