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Carbon Fiber Wallets

One time used solely by designers of fighter jets and super cars – carbon fiber is now being used by a team of designers from Washington-based Common Fibers to create every day carry carbon fiber wallets. The goal of this team of designers is the improvement and development of composite based products to expand the use of this amazing material.

Gone are the problems of bulky wallets, outdated materials that would wear and tear easily, no more credit card skimming as these carbon fiber wallets provide for increased security and they have even done away with carbon fiber rigidity. The result is a wallet with minimalist design features made of an all carbon fiber construction with RFID protection.

The company makes use of aerospace grade carbon fiber that offers durability and product lifespan benefits that only real carbon fiber can provide. The carbon fiber that is fabricated is then passed through a CO2 laser which ablates the resin from the targeted area. Once the hinge is cleaned a protective film is applied. Commonly used to protect helicopter blades, the polyurethane film is UV, puncture, and chemical resistant.

This simple idea is believed to have profound effects on the composites. The post processing method used could be developed into a recycling method, eliminate the need for molds in manufacturing, and open an entirely new category of composite designs. Initial test results have confirmed that 80% of the carbon’s strength is retained during processing and the fatigue strength is similar to a two-piece metal hinge alternative.

There are multiple options to choose from with a slim wallet, a max wallet and a triple fold with the entry level wallet costing $99 and the top end $149. There is plenty of room for credit cards, billfolds, ID cards and more. All orders placed through their website come with an optional free engraving in Block font offering a customization option.