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Unclutter Your Life

If your life and your living room are cluttered with remotes for the TV, Blu-Ray, CD-player, DVD-player, Apple TV, surround sound system, streaming devices, satellite receivers, projectors and air-conditioners – Klikr is the one device that helps unclutter your life.

It is a small Bluetooth enabled device that allows you to make practically anything clickable and gives you the ability to control every device using the companion app that works with both iOS and Android devices. Klikr is designed to work with all devices that already operate with an infrared remote control.

Klickr has been designed to be attached to any hardware device that is equipped with a remote control enabling you to be able to switch to your smartphone removing the need for multiple remotes.

More than just a universal remote, Klikr comes equipped with voice control so you can give commands directly to your smartphone. For example you can instruct the app to turn on the TV or change the channel. Imagine being able to almost instantly control and organize all of your devices in your home, room by room. Using the app, you can then navigate through your remote controls in each room by swiping or by selecting from a list.

Klikr gives you complete control over all your gadgets from a single app on your smartphone so no more worries of misplacing your remotes as you can control all gadgets – moreover it gives you a much better range than your old remote controls too from a ten-meter range. Klikr lasts for six months on a single battery, with normal usage of around one hundred clicks a day and can be ordered online.