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Lost The Plot

Another Swiss brand that has completely lost the plot along the same lines as H. Moser & Cie is Frédérique Constant. Last year at Baselworld, they were amongst the first to display the jitters with the launch of a not so smart – smartwatch.

Combining a classic display with technology, this new version of the Horological Smartwatch confirms the Geneva firm’s delusions! The Horological Smartwatch tracks the wearer’s daytime activity and sleep patterns amongst others.

The smaller dial at 6 o’clock shows the percentage of activity or sleep against a pre-defined goal in real-time. This data is synchronized with the MotionX-365® app, available for iOS and Android, and displayed with graphics. The USP of this watch is a battery life that will keep it running for two and a half years, without needing to be charged. This Frédérique Constant watch is daft in tech terms in comparison to Xiaomi’s $16 fitness tracker.