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Atypical Design

Non-conformist watch brand Meccaniche Veloci releases the Icon Quattro Valvole 48 Four Strokes which multiplies time readings by four. An atypical design, sophisticated lines and readability are the keynotes of this extra-wide diameter that displays four time zones on four separate dials.

The watch is user-friendly particularly for business travellers regularly juggling across several different time zones. Each dial is powered by an independent movement that is easily adjustable by means of four crowns placed on either side of the strap.

The practical, apparently smooth and demanding design is conceived as a natural extension of the watch’s functionality.

On the upper surface of the sturdy brushed titanium, ceramic or carbon fiber case, the hours, minutes, seconds and date are read off at a glance.

The watch has a titanium case which measures 48 mm. The upper surface of the watch is in titanium, ceramic or carbon fiber with a screw-down titanium back.