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Reliable Accessory

De Bethune’s recently launched DB25 World Traveller is an intelligent watch featuring a second time zone and world time expressed with a mysterious display. The watch is designed to become a reliable accessory for the frequent traveller.

The invention of multiple time zones dates back to the 17th century, with this watch, De Bethune have simplified the readability and adjustment of the functions to make them intuitive. The system is completely secure and each indication can be controlled independently.Visually, the refinement of the DB25 World Traveller lies in the concentric arrangement of the functions. World times appear on a disc in the centre of the dial, encircled by a channel in which a moving microsphere indicates the reference time – also known as the home time.

This microsphere, a technical signature of De Bethune since their invention of the three-dimensional moon-phase, has two halves that allow it to also indicate day and night. One half is blue, the other pink, and they reverse positions when they pass 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. Local time is displayed on the hour circle, and the day on the last exterior circle.

The DB25 World Traveller is equipped with the mechanical calibre DB2547 with manual winding which is housed in a 45 mm diameter white gold case.