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Minimalist Pen

This minimalist pen called Pen Type-A is simple in its appeal and proves that less is more through its clear-cut design which is free of any frills. The pen has a ruler sleeve which adds to the functionality and it uses Hi-Tec-C ink cartridges making it versatile.

All of the parts are machined out of solid stainless steel which means this pen is built to last for generations and the sleeve is laser engraved with ruler markings. A balance of simplicity and precision, the pen is smooth with no grip, notches or grooves.

The pen pays homage to the Hi-Tec-C pen utilizing the same coveted cartridges in a more durable home. The sleeve doubles as a straight edge and a measuring instrument. Its edges are clean and sharp, lasting evidence of the precise machining processes that were crucial to its construction.

The pen sleeve is laser engraved with imperial and metric units. The sharp edges of the ruler help draw straight lines and the pen is held in the sleeve by a magnet, so it doesn’t slip out by mistake.