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Most Complicated

The most complicated watch from Harry Winston has t    o be the Histoire de Tourbillon 6. This timepiece by Harry Winston pushes the envelope in both technical sophistication and exclusivity.

Its HW4701 caliber is the most complex in the Histoire de Tourbillon series. A genuine first in the history of horology, it combines two independent hour indications: one regulated by a tri-axial tourbillon and the other by a karussel.

The incredible technical sophistication of the tri-axial tourbillon is supremely exclusive. The first cage carries the balance wheel and performs one turn every 45 seconds. It rotates inside a second cage, which spins in 75 seconds along its vertical axis. This ensemble is set in motion inside a third, spherical cage, which completes its own revolution in 300 seconds. The latter is the cage featuring the orange seconds hand, visible beneath a sapphire crystal dome that offers a fascinating view of the three-dimensional ballet of time. Meanwhile, the karussel performs a 30-second rotation.

Caliber HW4701 is made up of 683 parts. Its tri-axial tourbillon alone requires 141 parts and weighs a mere 1.85 grams. This voluminous graphic structure is visible beneath four sapphire crystals, all distinguished by convex and complicated shapes.

The complication that makes the Histoire de Tourbillon 6 unique is a subtle and inconspicuous one. If need be, the karrusel positioned at 1 o’clock can remain idle. When started, it acts as the regulator for the independent part of the HW4701 movement, occupying the right side.

Despite its exceptional dimensions, 64 mm from crown to crown, Histoire de Tourbillon 6 has a comfortable fit. The main plate and bridges, forming the structure of the movement, are made of titanium, a metal chosen for its lightweight. The case is fitted with ergonomic lugs. Aligned with the large hand-sewn alligator strap, they seamlessly follow the curves of the wrist.

The case is crafted using a white gold alloy with high palladium content, giving it an attractive glow and radiating a matte sheen that expertly matches the distinctive look of the movement’s surface. The Histoire de Tourbillon 6 is available in a limited edition of 20 pieces and is priced at around $ 723,000.