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Elegant & Understated

Italian jeweler and watchmaker Damiani’s tribute to the Belle Époque, which was a vibrant artistic, cultural, and social period in Europe at the dawn of the 20th century, is a collection of watches in ceramic, diamonds and gemstones – altogether splendid, elegant & understated.

The Belle Epoque timepieces are refined in their design with invisible diamond setting and an innovative ceramic bracelet featuring central links. Brilliant-cut diamonds and precious gemstones using an invisible gem-setting technique adorn the watches.

Damiani luxury watches merge accurate craftsmanship and the latest trends of high-end watch making – a balance between Italian design and elegance. The watches and movements are created by the best Swiss watchmakers and the designs are made unique by the integration with the most modern trends of Italian design which is the very essence of Damiani.

The ceramic, used for the case in white or black, adds glamour and refinement by highlighting the sparkle of the gems and the preciousness of details. Perfect for an evening out as they are for daily use, Damiani watches are characterized by their painstaking attention to detail and exclusivity.