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Triumphal Return

Corum introduced a watch called the Bubble in the year 2000. It was an oversized watch with an even larger crystal shaped like a dome. The watch was so radical that it became the must-have timepiece of the new millennium. Fifteen years later, the Bubble makes a triumphal return, sealing its place as a pillar of Corum’s watchmaking heritage as connoisseurs and collectors of fine watches are bound to make a beeline for the boutiques.

At the turn of the century watchmaking was a universe away from what it is today. Big watches were scarce, unconventionally shaped watches almost unheard of. The tectonic shift began as the 21st century dawned, with Corum riding on the top of the wave that would soon sweep watchmaking. At Baselworld 2000 the Bubble was unveiled, an unparalleled 44 mm in diameter with a towering sapphire crystal so tall it distorted the dial. With a size and shape totally unprecedented in watchmaking, the Bubble was an instant hit. Despite being a mere 15 years old, the Bubble is major part of the brand’s heritage, deserving a place in the watchmaking hall of fame.

While retaining all the design codes of the original, the 2015 Bubble is not a mere replica of its predecessor. Fitted with a rubber-ringed, spherical crown, the case is a collection of smooth, rounded lines, just like the original. But it has been enlarged to 47 mm, lending it impressively striking proportions, especially as it stands some 18.8 mm high, crystal included. For full features or more details about this watch visit