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Infinite Planner

As the world has transitioned from paper to digital with planning apps such as Todoist, Evernote, Wunderlist, Pocket Lists and Task in demand there are still a few amongst us who yearn for the good old whiteboard planner. A company aptly named ANEW has introduced the first infinitely reusable whiteboard planner book that promises unlimited usage year after year.

ANEW’s whiteboard-style portable planner book has pages that are reusable and erasable, offering endless planning space to reuse i.e. write, erase, redo, undo and start anew in addition to reducing the planetary impact.

The planner book is packed with useful layouts and templates to help busy people effectively manage time, accomplish goals and get things done, all in one place. Infinitely reusable pages include undated weekly and monthly planning layout, 30-day goal challenge progress tracker and personal and professional checklist.

Traditional planners and notebooks are used once and discarded. With the ANEW planner one can simply erase and wipe clean any unneeded notes at ease just like a whiteboard, providing endless new pages to use forever. One may think that reducing and reusing paper one sheet at a time is a small matter, but together people can make a massive impact to help the planet.