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Blockchain Watch

Inspired by the concept of cryptocurrency, renowned independent Swiss watch brand Chronoswiss joined forces with Tech Bureau Europe to create five crypto-design watches in an exclusive blockchain watch series. These extravagant models have been manufactured in a limited edition of only 101 pieces each including Bitcoin – the currency, Ethereum – the contract, NEM – the harvest, Zaif – the exchange and COMSA – the token.

These models are based on the Flying Regulator Open Gear with its complex 3-D dial and visible Regulator mechanism featuring the dial as a part of the movement. They are available exclusively via the cryptocurrency exchange platform Zaif, where the first edition, Bitcoin the currency, had been launched back in April, followed by Ethereum. Now, the second wave is about to start, with the launch of the NEM watch. NEM/XEM stands for New Economy Movement and represents a crypto currency of Japanese origin which was created by crypto enthusiasts in 2015.

As the other watches of the Blockchain series, the NEM model also pays tribute to its characteristic logo, which is featured in a high precision print on the lower level of the innovative 3-D dial. Furthermore, it is used in the skeletonized small seconds where it forms the second’s hand. Last but not the least, the NEM logo is sure to be found on the rear side. Here, it can be admired through the sapphire glass moving around on the skeletonized and rhodium-plated rotor. Another special edition feature is the individual number of the limited edition, which is printed onto the lower part of the dial.

Chronoswiss is a renowned, long-established Swiss watch manufacturer steeped in tradition and famed for its high-quality standards and aesthetics, as well as its authenticity and its strongly held values. At the same time, the brand embraces new technologies. From fall 2017, customers have been enabled to pay with crypto currencies.

These limited-edition collector’s pieces boast a high-end aesthetic. As all Chronoswiss timepieces, they are manufacture by highest Swiss standards of watchmaking and impress both by their uniqueness and high demands in terms of technology and quality.

Chronoswiss was founded in 1983, in the midst of the quartz crisis when only visionaries continued to believe in the mechanical watch. Entrepreneurial spirit and congenial inventions such as the sapphire glass back encasing the movement, an unmistakable design and the first series production of the regulator complication as a wrist watch made Chronoswiss unique and very successful.

The brand contributed significantly to the revival of the Swiss watchmaking industry. Today, Chronoswiss is concentrating on its roots by reinventing its most successful model, the Regulator, to the modern standards of the 21st century. Headquartered in Lucerne, Switzerland, the independent family-run brand manufactures only a few thousand watches per year according to strict Swiss Made quality standards. The exclusive mechanical timepieces are exported to over 26 countries and can be purchased in more than 150 selected watch retailers across the world.