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Change For The Better

Luxury Swiss brand Oris has introduced a new collection of sustainable leather straps and takes another step in its #ChangeForTheBetter campaign. Over the years, Oris has demonstrated its commitment to #ChangeForTheBetter in a number of ways – often by supporting non-profit organizations that protect endangered species or conserve threatened habitats.

This year, the independent Swiss company is deepening its commitment to protecting our environment with a series of sustainably sourced and produced leather straps. These straps will appear in the company’s classic collection of Artelier watches.

The Artelier collection celebrates the charm, craftsmanship and heritage of Swiss watchmaking with a series of elegantly designed watches that wear handsomely on the wrist. Oris has been making watches on the same site in the village of Hölstein since 1904 and has a rich watchmaking tradition. Artelier watches remember the vision of the company’s founders: to create beautifully crafted and authentic mechanical watches that make sense in the real world.

The founders also believed in making life and the world around us better – they built houses for their staff, ran bus services for those who lived in surrounding towns and cities, and broke down barriers with their progressive approach to employing women. They were ahead of their time in so many ways.

Today, Oris continues that legacy in its products, and in particular with the Artelier collection’s new line of sustainable straps, conceived to bring #ChangeForTheBetter. The leather used in these new straps fulfills the demanding standards of the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF) and is manufactured according to the stringent requirements and ecological standards of the International Association of Textiles (IVN). The colors used are non-allergic, heavy-metal free and have no artificial color layers on the surface. Each strap is made of natural, unsealed leather, making them comfortable and breathable. They will also age naturally over time to give each strap a unique patina that tells the wearer’s story.

For over 100 years Oris has been making watches in Switzerland. Their watches are purely mechanical and are marked out by their distinctive design as well as the red rotor, the symbol of Oris mechanicals. Oris watches are also popular, as celebrities from Formula One, diving, jazz and aviation wear and support their unique creations. Oris is one of a select few Swiss watch brands that makes only mechanical watches. A mechanical watch is a thing of beauty, designed according to principles that have been around for generations and will continue long into the future.