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Waterproof Drone

Since the beginning, Splash Drone has been designed as a multifunctional flying platform, with multiple modules to fit specific missions in various industries. With Splash Drone 3 the company has designed a brand new quick release system so it only takes you a few seconds to change payloads. With 2 modules available and much more to come, the Splash Drone 3 is one of the most versatile modular all-weather waterproof drone available on the market.

With its new 4k camera with built in two-axis gimbal module, it shoots sharp and gorgeous 4k 25fps videos and 14mpx pictures right out of the box. Its HD FPV payload release module opens up many possibilities from carrying bait for fishing to a live saver for rescue missions.

With a brand new power system, the Splash Drone 3 is more powerful than ever. The new 620kv motors and 1242 carbon fiber propellers offer more thrust and power reserve so you can fly through the toughest conditions.

The new controller has been redesigned from the ground up with one keyword in mind: simplicity. With the integration of the FPV monitor, Pilots can view live video stream and OSD right from the controller. The in-depth ergonomic research led to a sleeker and more compact controller while getting rid of unnecessary buttons and switches.

Whatever your mission is, with more power, more stability all in a fully integrated form factor – the Splash Drone 3 is one of the best fast deployment flying platform for water and harsh environments. Splash Drone 3 entered mass production and shipping will start at the end of May 2018.