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Without Frills

This classic, small and delicate, Tangente 33 from Nomos Glashutte is minimalist in keeping with the brand’s design ethos – a watch without frills and in an understated shade of gray. The dial is light, the numerals are dark, and the hands are silver.

Tangente 33 has the finest proportions for slender wrists; a handcrafted watch with a diameter of only 33 millimeters (as their Alpha caliber allows for precisely these dimensions). The finest shade of gray is worn by this Tangente, along with something that is rather rare in Nomos Glashutte watches: silver-colored hands.

Unmistakably Tangente – the watch features five numerals with typography reminiscent of the Bauhaus era. And typically Nomos Glashutte: the sub-seconds dial, allows the dial to appear entirely clean. The Tangente watch is very straightforward when viewed from the side as well. It measures exactly 6.55 millimeters in height.

The classic, refined in gray Tangente with a 33-millimeter diameter and gray dial; is somewhat smaller and so perfect for more delicate wrists – moreover it weighs a mere 34 grams making it a dainty timepiece. The watch is water resistant to 30 meters and is fitted with a velour leather beige strap.