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Beovision Eclipse

Bang & Olufsen world renowned for its design, acoustics and craftsmanship launched its first TV in partnership with LG Electronics, while merging LG Electronics’ OLED TV technology for delivering absolute black and infinite contrast ratio with high dynamic range.

“Sound is more than half the picture”. These words are at the heart of Bang & Olufsen’s identity and the BeoVision Eclipse is a reflection of the design and supreme acoustics associated with Bang & Olufsen. The new TV integrates a 3-channel SoundCenter and a visual appearance that mixes glass with colored fabric or aluminum. And for the first time it merges LG Electronics’ OLED TV technology, which is renowned for the ability to reproduce the most lifelike images with its revolutionary pixel dimming control technology that renders perfect blacks, infinite contrast and an expanded color gamut.

BeoVision Eclipse is both a television and a music system presented in one comprehensive solution. The TV’s integrated and 450 watt powerful 3-channel SoundCenter offers both stereo performance and center channel, surpassing most integrated solutions and sound-bars on the market. By also integrating internet radio and music streaming services, BeoVision Eclipse becomes a music system in its own right.

If you opt to use additional speakers via the integrated surround sound decoder, the center channel performance of the TV matches any of the Bang & Olufsen high-end BeoLab loudspeakers. In other words, this enables an immersive cinematic experience in your own home.

The design draws on the classic Bang & Olufsen ideal of aesthetic simplicity, highlighting the importance of sound; the slim glass surface continues beneath the SoundCenter, which in turn expands beyond the screen on both sides. This makes for some exciting contrasts – between image and sound, slimness and volume. However, at the same time, the design naturally integrates all elements in an appealing design.

The motorized floor stand sets BeoVision Eclipse further apart. With a push of a button, you can make the TV move soundlessly across the floor, as if it were floating towards you. No matter where you are seated, the TV can always be adjusted to your position, modifying not only the viewing experience, but the entire decoration of the room. In addition to the floor stand, BeoVision Eclipse can be placed on a motorized or manual wall bracket.

You can leave a personal mark on the design, as it is possible to customize the speaker front by choosing either aluminum or colored fabrics. The TV can draw attention to itself or smoothly blend into its surroundings, depending on the owner’s choice.

BeoVision Eclipse functions as a highly flexible A/V-center. The TV includes 4K video processing technology and comes with LG Electronics´most recent webOS 3.5 platform. The platform allows you to access and customize your favorite content, apps and devices; music streaming services like Spotify, content providers such as Netflix, Amazon and YouTube, Blu-ray players of any brand, as well as your personal content. The audio streaming part includes TuneIn radio, Spotify Connect, Deezer, Chromecast built-in for audio, audio AirPlay and Bluetooth streaming. By bringing it all together in one place, BeoVision Eclipse dramatically reduces the complexity of our digital lives.

Everything is controlled with a single remote, the BeoRemote One, and allows for a great degree of personalization; by pushing one of the ‘MyButton’ for three seconds, it is possible to store access to a source, creating a shortcut to content or devices – e.g. streaming services, personal content or a Blu-Ray player.

BeoVision Eclipse is the first result of the strategic partnership between Bang & Olufsen and LG Electronics regarding development and production of Bang & Olufsen’s TV line-up for the future. The partnership will enable Bang & Olufsen to focus on its core capabilities of design, craftsmanship and acoustics, and combine this with LG Electronics’ technological leadership in OLED TV technology including their webOS and 4K video processing capabilities.

BeoVision Eclipse will be available in two sizes – a 55” and a 65” version. Experience the BeoVision Eclipse in select markets now: New York – Bang & Olufsen Madison Avenue, Beverly Hills- Bang & Olufsen Rodeo Drive, Colorado – Bang & Olufsen Castlerock, and Arizona – Bang & Olufsen Scottsdale. The TV will be available for purchase in all Bang & Olufsen retail stores from November.