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Luxury Swiss watch Maison Chronoswiss has made a leap into the digital future, by launching a pioneering initiative that enables the use of BITCOIN on the brand’s web store and at their outlets. This is a world first in the luxury business, while many fine watch manufacturers are still debating and dabbling with the advantages of introducing web-based stores, Chronoswiss has blazed the trail into the exciting world of crypto currency-fuelled transactions that offer the potential to unlock hitherto unreached markets and bring within reach a vast new client base.

The Chronoswiss web shop, which was first established in 2015, will now allow customers worldwide to make block chain based payments in BITCOIN (BTC) and other crypto currencies, which are increasingly popular with the e-commerce community and are taking up increasing bandwidth in the digital ecosphere.

With this step, Chronoswiss aims to open up new markets and enlarge existing ones in their luxury watch business. The independent brand primarily wants to reach customers who are immersed in new media and digital technology and provide them with the flexibility of a smooth and seamless form of payment for their favorite luxury timepieces.

“As a fine watch Maison, we have succeeded in establishing ourselves as a distinguished marque, despite the existing challenges of new technology thanks to our intense focus on the very essence of fine watchmaking while also incorporating new innovations and being accommodating to changing tastes,” said Oliver Ebstein, CEO of Chronoswiss. “By instituting BITCOIN payments through our web shop and our outlets, we are not just providing our clients with a convenient mode of payment, but we are crossing the digital divide to open up fresh market possibilities.”

Even though the brand’s focus has been on the manufacturing process of the exclusive mechanical timepieces with the emphasis on masterly handcraft and century-old traditions, the family-owned company has always been open to innovation and the advent of new technologies.

Thus, the enablement of BITCOIN transactions through the web shop, provides customers with another, innovative option of payment. While this is almost revolutionary within the luxury watch business, BITCOIN has become an increasingly accepted currency internationally, and is being increasingly used by the digital community.

Payment in BITCOIN is either possible through the Chronoswiss web store, or at the brand boutique at the House of Chronoswiss in Lucerne, Switzerland. The exchange rate is calculated by CoinGate on a daily basis.