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For those of you who do a lot of home improvement and DIY stuff, this is the ideal handy tool to have around. Cycop’s new BiTool 2.0 was designed to blend seamlessly into your everyday life as the best hand tool you will ever have and it is easily the Swiss Army knife equivalent of a handy tool thanks to its versatility.

The company’s approach was to look at the overall experience and enhance it for the user working together with the original BiTool trying to make it better in every single aspect. The BiTool 2.0 Lit comes with a mini flashlight with 2-level brightness and is very compact, durable, and versatile.

It makes life easier in many situations and circumstances, from finding something in the bag, searching for the keyhole in the dark or trying to light up the path. And it’s couldn’t be easier to carry the Lit with the magnetic attachment. Snap it on, ready to go.

With 10 various kinds of bits inside, BiTool practically replaces your toolbox. The magnetic holder with whole new design keeps all bits in perfect place and offers easy accessibility. You don’t have to make a mess again when you just want to choose the proper tool as each of them has a sign and a slot for it.

The magnetic force comes from the head attract the bit for stability and also allows you to change bits effortlessly. The ratchet head can rotate 180 degrees and adapt to any kind of working environment even within a tiny space. It’s not only like a screwdriver but also a ratchet wrench.

There will be no slips as you can simply attach the bits on BiTool’s body to prevent them from scattering. And not only screws, you can switch bits without hesitation by attaching another one on BiTool. If screws do scatter on the ground accidentally, you can collect them up with magnets both inside the barrel and the bottom.