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Traser Swiss H3 watches introduced the Officer Pro Gun Metal Lime watches showcasing the brand’s expertise in the field of self-activated illumination technology and purpose-built functional watches. The Swiss watch brand Traser watches are distinguished by their unique ability to assure constant visibility of the time display at a single glance, also in complete darkness and under poor visibility conditions, thanks to the in-house manufactured Trigalight® self-activated illumination technology.

By combining the 24/7 permanent glow of Trigalight® self-activated illumination with the progressively dimming luminosity of Super-LumiNova, the Officer Pro Gun Metal Lime begins an amazing metamorphosis as soon as ambient lighting fades. Entirely coated with lime-colored Super-LumiNova, the dial of the Officer Pro Gun Metal Lime offers the perfect stage for 17 Trigalight® self-activated illumination tubes inserted in the hour markers, the hands, and beneath the logo.

Trigalight® can be constantly seen in any lighting situation and it emits a pleasant and unfading green light in dark conditions. The 12 o’clock position is marked with an orange glow, so the watch can always be oriented. A luminescent glass gasket surrounds the dial.

At first, the entire dial of the Officer Pro Gun Metal Lime from Traser shines with its lime color and green glass gasket like a spotlight in the night. As time goes by, the metamorphosis begins. The dial’s color and the gasket start to fade.

Trigalight® is self-luminous: it requires no outside power and it glows uninterruptedly, all day and all night. It needs no maintenance and it continues to glow for decades. The manufacturer guarantees ten years of unchangingly high-quality luminescence.

The Officer Pro Gun Metal Lime is built to take whatever life dishes out. The back is firmly screwed to the robust PVD-gun-coated stainless steel case, which has an ample diameter of 42 millimeters. A Swiss quartz movement assures accurate timekeeping. Available in five different versions, the Traser Officer Pro Gun Metal is predestined to accompany its wearer through the most demanding missions, rough-and-tumble sports such as night sailing, camping, fishing, hunting and spontaneous discoveries, adventures – and well-planned journeys that suddenly take unpredictable twists.