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Citizen stole the limelight at Baselworld 2017 with the launch of two new Citizen L models targeting the fairer sex. The first model is from the new Ambiluna collection now in its second year – the new Ambiluna features a limited color to the lacquer-made Urushi-drop and comes with a special bangle. The second model is playful yet elegant in design with large diamonds.

Citizen L is a ladies’ watch brand from Citizen which launched in Europe and North America in 2012 and is now available in nearly 50 countries globally. Citizen has partnered with Yoshiko Ikoma as the brand advisor for this range since 2016. Citizen defines luxury as not a superficial glamour but a product with a commitment to the environment with a full disclosure of product material used and displaying the carbon footprint.

Watches in this range also feature Eco-Drive which keeps the watch ticking with any light source, anywhere in the world, hence producing no battery waste which is one of the many ways Citizen is working to create products that are socially and environmentally conscious.

Citizen L is a new lady’s watch brand that has the attractive jewellery-like design and features light-powered Eco-Drive, based on Citizen’s ethical product making. The new Citizen L Ambiluna Collection was also introduced in a limited edition (EW5499-54A) in a watch with moon-glazed sapphire crystal produced under the supervision of Japanese architect – Sou Fujimoto. A conceptual collection from an architect recognized for his novel approach to architecture embodies a moon-glazed sapphire crystal, expressing the absolute light. It is a new design-led approach to watchmaking that tells the concept of ambiguous time with the transience of light. The key feature is the moon-glazed sapphire crystal that takes its image from a soft and misty moon light. The rich expression of the gradual shift in the light is created by frosting a highly-translucent sapphire crystal. It is an entirely new concept in watches where it is not a tool to check time but to put on light itself. This moon-glazed sapphire crystal is featured in all Ambiluna models.

The distinctive motif at the 11 o’clock position is Urushi drops, a modern rendition of Japanese tradition of lacquer art of Urushi which is carefully crafted by time honored Urushi Sakamoto. The exquisite gradation of silver to black that extends inwards gives it a chic yet deep radiance in the light, like Starry clouds. By applying black color to the design, Citizen has highlighted the presence of shadow that in fact accentuates light hence the design concept absolute light is even further emphasized. A single diamond is set between the case and Urushi drop, giving a beautiful tension in the design while functioning as an index to show 12 o’clock.

A special bangle is designed for Citizen L by the artist duo, Monocircus. Inspired from the theme, absolute light, the design aimed to give shape to rings of light. The 3D printer-based design allows the freedom for a complex geometric shape, giving the bangle a unique appeal. The bangle together with the watch bring a beautiful accent to a ladies wrist.