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Smart is ready to brave the seas with the fascinating forsea concept car, the first amphibious vehicle in smart history. The new concept car achieves the dream of a boundless journey, where the absence of asphalt is no limit. The smart forsea is set to launch this summer in Italy, the nation that has contributed the most to smart’s success around the world.

For its inaugural journey, the smart forsea will cross the Strait of Sicily. The forsea is the next step in the rich history of water cars, which date back to the early 1900s and have mainly been explored for military purposes. A top name for the Made in Italy brand, Foccaccia Group (based in Cervia), played an active part in the forsea project. The Group is already known for its role in the creation of the forfood, the first exclusive restaurant on four wheels. This summer smart will unite Italy, connecting Messina to Villa San Giovanni with the inaugural launch of the forsea, a versatile concept car that broadens the horizons of the ultimate urban vehicle.

Thanks to the careful study of fluid dynamics and innovative technology that allows the wheels to be angled at 35° – thus lining up with the hull and the underbody – the smart forsea offers a cruising speed of 10 knots, with peaks at 15 knots and 3 hours of navigating autonomy. The steering wheel provides complete control over the boat, guiding the jet of water with extreme precision, in keeping with the marked agility of the fortwo.

The 90 hp rear engine was easily paired with a custom-made water-jet propeller and connected to a joint shaft on the rear differential. Transferring traction from the rear wheels to the water jet is managed by an ECU that handles the differential lock and transfers torque from the axles to the universal joint shaft.

It’s an open boat with two comfortable seats and a wide transom lined with teak and inspired by the classic lobster boat. This one of a kind cruiser features a small refrigerator and an ice bucket for a fresh drink. The vehicle’s interior was produced by Focaccia Group, smart’s Italian partner based in Cervia and already known for its work on the forfood, the first exclusive restaurant on wheels.