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Doppler Labs’ flagship product Here One, the first all-in-one wireless listening system – with two wireless smart ear buds and a connected app combines the functionality of conventional headphones – streamed music and wireless phone calls – with proprietary smart listening and noise filtering technologies. Whether it’s reducing noise, amplifying speech, accessing Siri or Google Now, streaming music, taking phone calls, or layering digital audio over real-world sound (stream Spotify on a run safely aware of what’s around you), Here One does it all.

What makes these ear buds different is that unlike traditional headphones, which isolate you from the world and have limited features, Doppler Labs have created a product that you can comfortably leave in your ears even in social settings or places where you need to easily communicate or interact with the world around you.

With Here One, you can control what you hear. They have used noise filters that can selectively cancel or amplify particular sounds using Smart Noise Cancellation. Here One introduces proprietary adaptive filters, which identify and target sounds such as human speech, sirens, a crying baby, a jet engine, and more so you can suppress or amplify those sounds exactly to your liking. Plus, you can still find the original EQ, volume, sound effects, and tune in pre-sets from Here Active Listening.

It is becoming increasingly clear that voice interaction with smart A.I.s (Siri, Google Now, Alexa, Cortana) is going to play a major role in the future of how we interact with computers, information and the world. Here One – with its multiple microphones – is uniquely positioned to give you direct access to these services.

Headphones – as we currently know them – are isolating. If someone wants to talk to you while you’re using them, you have to pause and take the headphones off to engage or communicate. With Here One, this is no longer an issue. You can now stream Bluetooth-enabled audio and listen to your surroundings simultaneously, blended perfectly so you never miss what’s happening around you. Layer play-by-play commentary or stats at a game for a better experience from the stadium; safely listen to music while riding your bike, or get updates during a meeting. To account for these differences, Here One learns your preferences, provides suggestions based on your environment, and adjusts according to your unique listening profile.