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Voutilainen introduces a completely innovative display of the time based on System 1 and System 2 human behavior, as studied by Nobel Prize-winner Daniel Kahneman. The Vingt-8 ISO breaks with System 1 behavior, whereby time is read at a glance using a deeply entrenched code, and instead elicits System 2 behavior in which telling the time acquires a deeper, more intellectual dimension.

This heightened awareness of time is translated by hour and minute hands which are superimposed on each full hour, and opposed at each half-hour. The angle between the two hands is always the same, whatever the time. The secret lies with the minutes disc that turns with the hour hand so that the minute hand can mark the elapsed minutes.

This timepiece features a Vingt-8 caliber mechanical hand-wound movement designed, made and finished in the Voutilainen workshops. The watch features a 65-hour power reserve and the case is made of 18k pink gold and measures 39 mm in diameter. Anti-reflective sapphire crystal covers the watch at front and back and the dial is guilloche silver with gold applied numerals and hands. The bracelet is hand-stitched from crocodile leather and closes with an 18k gold buckle.

Following his passion, and in order to preserve his highly prized tradition, Kari Voutilainen established his own business as an independent Artist Watchmaker in the village of Motiers in 2002. The beautiful and tranquil region of Val-de-Travers gives itself by its very nature to thoughtful and creative watchmaking. Distant markets as far away as China have been conquered by the works of past Masters from this region.

Kari Voutilainen’s natural gift for perfection, coupled with his broad experience and deep understanding of very high quality, antique, complicated watches, are the quintessential ingredients for innovative creation in the art of watchmaking. Not one to satisfy himself by imagined creations alone, he makes all of his creations himself. He is totally involved in every detail whether technical or aesthetic; like a true artist or sculptor, nothing is left to chance.

As with all entirely handmade watches, their number will remain limited; each one is crafted according to specific requirements and has its own individual and personal qualities. It goes without saying that these technical marvels are clothed and protected only by the most precious of metals. It is for these reasons that pieces signed by Kari Voutilainen make their mark in the history of watchmaking, to the great delight of those collectors fortunate enough to own one.