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The Yamaha MAX range is widely regarded as the most popular scooters across the European scooter market. Featuring dynamic bodywork with that distinctive MAX family look, and driven by sophisticated 4-stroke engines that are designed to give exciting and lively performance, Yamaha Sport scooters lead the industry in terms of design, technology, style and desirability.

Shaped by TMAX DNA and designed and manufactured to the same high standards as the flagship model, the recently introduced and more powerful new X-MAX 300 takes over from the highly successful X-MAX 250. For 2017 Yamaha announce the arrival of the latest edition of the most successful and iconic sport scooter. Built to the highest specification ever featured in its class – and available in three versions – the new 2017 TMAX is ready.

The three new versions of the TMAX reset the rules of MAX by giving discerning customers an even wider choice of the most successful maxi scooter in history. The dynamic new body and lightweight frame design – together with the sophisticated electronic control technology and high overall specification -reinforce the TMAX’s position as the runaway leader in the class.

With three versions available, there’s a model to suit every lifestyle. The TMAX is more a ‘blank canvas’, for customers wanting to make it their own by adding various parts and accessories. Yet there are those maxi scooter owners who want even more than the exclusive TMAX has to offer. For these riders we have created the TMAX SX and TMAX DX models.

Featuring special colors and D-MODE switchable engine running modes, the TMAX SX is designed for sports-oriented customers. And with its extensive electronic control technology including D-MODE and Cruise Control – as well as an adjustable screen and heated grips and seat – the top of the range TMAX DX provides the ultimate in luxury.

One of the secrets to the enduring success of the legendary TMAX is its constant evolution that has kept it at the forefront of the maxi scooter class. During this period the TMAX engine has grown from 499cc to today’s 530cc design, while the original chain drive has been replaced by a belt drive. The steel frame has been replaced by a lighter aluminum design, and state-of-the-art upside down forks have taken over from the first generation model’s conventional forks.

The ongoing process of evolution never ends, and for 2017 the TMAX benefits from a wide range of new design features as well as a number of significant technological and stylistic improvements that reaffirm its position as the ultimate sport scooter. All three versions of the TMAX bring to the street the highest specification ever seen on a Yamaha maxi scooter. The TMAX SX and TMAX DX offer additional features and functionalities which are described separately.

The latest edition of this iconic sport scooter features a more compact face that has been given chrome lines framing the lenses, as well as embossed edges in the ‘eyelid’ area. This more concentrated face brings together the four LED headlights and position lights, giving the TMAX a more sporty and dynamic look that personify the increased performance of the higher-specification engine and new lightweight chassis.

The 530cc inline twin cylinder liquid cooled engine with YCC-T delivers plenty of strong torque that gives rapid acceleration away from traffic lights and junctions. And on the highway this ultra-smooth fully automatic power plant delivers an impressive turn of speed for fast and efficient long distance commuting or leisure riding.

A new short and compact upswept muffler reinforces the more dynamic look of the 2017 model – while the revised catalytic converter location and a newly designed air cleaner box are among a number of measures that ensure the TMAX engine meets EU4 requirements. With its powerful 530cc inline twin cylinder liquid cooled engine, the current TMAX is already in a class of its own when it comes to acceleration and top speed performance.

The adoption of the sophisticated new YCC-T has enabled Yamaha’s designers to equip the TMAX with a new Traction Control System (TCS). This advanced electronic system contributes towards rider safety by helping to ensure smoother starts and surefooted road holding on wet, slippery and loose road surfaces.

The 2017 TMAX uses the same size tyres as the current model, with a 120/70-15 front and a 160/60-15 rear, and to further reduce un-sprung weight the rear rim size is reduced to 4.50 inches. For added convenience and improved day-to-day functionality the TMAX is equipped with a larger under-seat storage compartment that has been developed in association with a new lightweight resin sub-frame. The new structure gives greater carrying capacity, and can accommodate two jet-type helmets.

TMAX riders will experience one of the most stylish meter panels ever fitted to a scooter, with a high quality display that underlines the high specification of the TMAX and gives a greater sense of depth than conventional designs. The newly developed multi-function instrumentation consists of an analogue speedometer on the left side with an analogue tachometer on the right featuring blue circular outlines on a black background.