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Anew prototype of the GyroCycle – a groundbreaking electric motorcycle that is self-balancing was launched recently by Thrustcycle. The first model is scheduled for production in 2017. The launch of this bike will make Thrustcycle the first company to bring a self-stabilizing gyroscopic motorcycle to market. The GyroCycle is an energy efficient vehicle with rock solid stability. The core technology behind the GyroCycle has broad implications for safety and sustainability.

Thrustcycle’s internal flywheels create a gyroscopic effect that ensures the bike will remain upright and stable both during the ride and at standstill when powered up. Because their system maintains a fixed plane in space, the vehicle will be less likely to slide under and lose traction when going into turns because the gyroscope will maintain lateral integrity. The self-balancing function gives the rider more control and greatly increases safety.

Although Thrustcycle aims be the first to bring a gyroscopic motorcycle to market, other major players are emerging. BMW recently announced the Motorrad Vision Next 100 concept motorcycle, which features a self-balancing system said to provide stability while at a standstill as well as when in motion. According to BMW, beginners will benefit because their cycle cannot fall over, while more experienced riders will enjoy the benefits that come with the improved agility that their self-balancing system provides.

While the price for the limited run in 2017 has not been finalized, Thrustcycle anticipates it will be under $20K – and significantly lower in the future. Thrustcycle also plans to debut an enclosed gyro-stabilized vehicle in the near future. While Thrustcycle is currently largely self-financed, the company will be looking at more options, including possible licensing of the core technology, after they bring the first model to market. Thrustcycle Enterprises LLC is based in Honolulu, Hawaii and its prototypes are manufactured in Wilsonville, Oregon.