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While brands like Montblanc and Montegrappa are stuck in a time warp, hardly expressing any creativity in the design of their writing instruments and resting on past laurels, a new breed of designers are establishing themselves by creating writing instruments and appealing to the senses of collectors with their sublime design and ingenuity. Stylos Titanium is one such fine writing instrument from Metaxas & Sins.

The heart of a fine writing instrument is the nib. Made from different noble materials, it has the ability to influence the writers’ relationship between mind, hand and paper. Some of the world’s best nibs are manufactured in Germany by two companies – Peter Bock and Jowo (Schmidt) from modestly priced steel, to titanium, to costly solid gold or palladium. The interchangeable Stylos nib holder allows you to quickly experience the difference.

The Stylos Titanium has been designed not only to allow the most expressive writing experience, but be the ultimate protection for this precious piece of metal. Unlike other metals, titanium is light, ultra-strong, warm and extremely comfortable to hold. Each Stylos Titanium writing instrument is individually CNC machine crafted and engraved from a block of solid titanium.

The Stylos nib holder is precision manufactured from pure titanium, and allows a swap between the best modest and precious nibs from these two German manufacturers quickly and easily. The proportions and balance of this writing instrument are almost perfect. Once you wrap your fingers around its curved form and nestle it into your hand, you can write for hours. The Pen Capsule case, designed to hold two Stylos pens, adds another layer of protection and organization and is available in black, grey or red. You also have a choice between ink colors, nib types (fine, medium or bold) or the option of a fountain pen rollerball or fine liner.