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For those who still crave for the good old turntable and believe in the richness of sound when a vinyl record is played, Shinola Audio in partnership with VPI have announced the launch of the Runwell Turntable. Designed as a state of the art analog product the turntable had to be substantive and beautiful, to set the right tone for the company’s foray into audio and show the special connection Detroit has to music.

The Runwell is a two speed, belt driven turntable with an integrated phono preamplifier and will be equipped with an Ortofon 2M blue phono cartridge. The clean lines combine solid aluminum, steel and wood to generate a modern American aesthetic. It is designed inside and out for the discriminating audiophile yet easy to use out of the box by any music enthusiast.

Just like timepieces, great turntables are high-precision luxury instruments. Reproducing quality vinyl recordings requires detailed engineering, use of the best materials, precision machining and skilful assembly.

VPI founder Harry Weisfeld and son Mat partnered with Shinola on the design, specification and manufacturing techniques of The Runwell Turntable. Precision-machined aluminium components like the main-plate, platter and tone arm are being produced by MDI of Lakewood N.J, a key VPI manufacturing partner. American Board Assembly of LA is supplying the circuit boards.

For the past year, the Shinola Audio team has worked with partner VPI of Cliffwood, New Jersey, to create this first turntable and set up turntable assembly in Detroit. Production of The Runwell Turntable will begin in the Fall of 2016 and will be available in Shinola stores, online, and select hi-fi retailers. The initial 500-piece limited-edition Runwell Turntable will be priced at $2500 and can be paired with a limited run of active bookshelf speakers.

Founded in 2011, Shinola was conceived with the belief that products should be well made and built to last. As makers of modern watches, bicycles, journals, leather goods, and now audio products, Shinola stands for skill at scale, the preservation of craft and the beauty of industry.