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Imperial Temptation

Italian design company Tonino Lamborghini’s Swiss Watch collections have been highly evocative of the brand values with their strong sporty look, however, with the Imperial Temptation, the brand made a move towards a more classic look and feel like their 1947 Celebration Line that celebrates the Italian story and the timeless legend of the Lamborghini family.

For a brand that goes all out to emphasize its sporty heritage from the case shape and counters to the colors of the dial and the material used for the bracelets which on some models reminiscence real tyres – every detail clearly speaks of the brand’s passion for speed, mechanical engineering and flamboyant beauty that has distinguished the brand for more than three decades.

The Imperial Temptation though breaks free from this sporty look with a more classic and versatile appeal. The watch has a mechanical ETA 7001 treated gold movement. The watch case is made from 18k polished gold and is made up of three parts with a sapphire crystal bezel.

The case back is made from 18k polished gold with sapphire crystal and snap-in back case and the watch crown too is from 18k gold. The dial surface is made up of a two color execution – black or silver. The watch is fitted with a crocodile leather strap with gold buckle. The Imperial Temptation is water resistant to 50 meters.

The Tonino Lamborghini watches are among the products that have most characterized the brand from the very beginning. Tonino Lamborghini has always been attracted by mechanics and therefore its passion for watches represents the ideal link between its technical background and the world of design. This passion combined with Italian style, led to the idea of Tonino Lamborghini Watch collections.