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Animali Collection

Maria Kovadi Fine Jewellery has presented a beautiful and enchanting ensemble of jewellery titled Animali collection that explores the charm and the magic of the animal world in an ironic way, with a modern take on the classic creatures. Playful animals in this mesmerizing collection not only represent life’s mysteries and ancient wisdom but also carry various positive symbolic associations. The spirit, mystery and magic captured in stories behind each creation hide a captivating combination of modern narratives with a fairytale world.

Launched during Baselworld 2016, this collection aims to mesmerize and transport you to a magical world of beautiful creatures. Every piece is made with passion, exceptional craftsmanship and inspirational design. This is fine jewellery as an art form. Each piece tells a story, beautifully conveying the poetry of the designer’s vision.

All creations are very special and come made-to-order or in a limited edition, perfect for those wishing to highlight their individuality and distinctive thinking. Every jewel is carefully sourced and selected to fit the fairy-tale that is Maria Kovadi Fine Jewellery. The brand prides itself on achieving the highest levels of quality and innovation by working with the most outstanding craftsmen in Italy and using the latest technology, combined with traditional skills.

Delicately hand-crafted pieces, often playful and interactive in nature, are aimed at provoking reaction with story-telling or the design itself. Maria Kovadi pieces are a truly exceptional choice for those seeking a unique and personal way of expression through fine jewellery that can be cherished for many years to come.

Maria Kovadi works with amazing artisans who translate years of their experience into making very special pieces. Workmanship of this kind is difficult to find nowadays and production took many years to set up, owing to the length of time it took to find Italian craftsmen who could translate years of experience and creative knowledge into both innovative and delicate designs produced by the brand.