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Outstanding Features

Building on the success of its four-stroke pedigree, the latest quarter liter machine in the Kawasaki KXF line boasts some outstanding features including greater power, 1.7kg less weight plus many technical, engineering and styling updates that include – for the first time on a KX racer – in-mold graphics.

Now featuring downdraft style intake routing, the dual injector configuration is retained and with more cylinder filling efficiency urge is increased in the low-mid resulting in improved response and quicker acceleration.

Featuring an even lighter design for the innovative bridge-box bottom piston, the power unit now features an offset cylinder arrangement for increased mechanical efficiency that is shared with not just the KX450F machines such as the Ninja ZX-10R and Supercharged Ninja H2 too.

For 2017 the KX250F adds to its enviable reputation for reliability with a change to plateau cylinder honing and journal type bearings for the big-end of the connecting rod. In the case of the former, the honing technique improves cylinder wall surface finish and allows lubricant to collect to improve lubrication and reduce friction. Using journal instead of needle roller bearings on the big end is a part of an overall philosophy aimed at further reducing mechanical losses.

Engine group weight savings add up to 0.8kg while nearly 1kg is shaved off the chassis of the new machine while the Type 2 Show a Separate Function front fork and Uni-Trak rear suspension components boast revised settings, smooth action and improved ride feel. Narrower by 6mm, the new frame weighs 90g less than the current model thanks to a redesigned down tube while new swinging arm dimension features idealized wall thicknesses and a weight reduction of some 190g.

With the added convenience of 3 plug and play engine map options as standard and the highly rated KX Fi calibration kit as a genuine accessory, the 2017 model year is a logical and exciting progression for the KX250F dynasty.